October 18, 2011

Pyscho Jets Fan


I live with a sports fanatic. My husband is completely obsessed with sports, particularly football, basketball and baseball. Now that its football season, his Sundays are spent in front of the TV, at a bar or at a friends house watching (and betting) on games. God forbid I make plans for us on Sundays. I grew up watching all the above with my dad so I have no problem sitting and watching a game or 2 with him. Last night was Monday Night Football and his beloved New York Jets were playing. As the clock neared 8:30, his entire demeanor changed – from the way he was laying on the couch to the tone of his voice. To put it lightly, he’s like the Hulk, he transforms in to a green & white psycho beast as soon as the whistle blows. The minute the ball was kicked off last night, he started screaming and yelling at the television and frantically texting his buddies. This goes on the entire 3 1/2 hours the game is on.

I must admit, he has actually gotten better over the years. When we first met, we’d go watch Yankee games together and it was our little date nights. We’d joke around, eat wings, fries and drink beers. So I was pretty pumped for doing the same on any given Sunday. I soon realized football is a whole ‘nother story. I will never forget the first time I met the Hulk. I have never EVER seen anyone act like a crazy lunatic over a football team the way he did. The Jets were actually up by 3 touch downs, the other team scored and he went ballistic. The F-bombs flew, along with a cup and water bottle. When I’d watch the games with my dad, he would say the occasional curse word if the Giants lost, but that was the extent. This was a whole new side to him that I never knew existed. I could go on with the many crazy stories that followed through out the years. OH and don’t even think about talking to him or asking him a question if they are losing or lost-he will flat out ignore you and not speak to you for the rest of the night. I would joke that the NY Jets were ranked #1 in his mind, followed by the Knicks, Yankees and chicken wings, then I would be somewhere after all that. 😀

I have tried to look beyond the curses, holes in the walls, and screams and I have to say I do find it extremely cute how he absolutely adores these sports team. It shows just how committed, loyal and passionate he is to things that he loves and that follows in all aspects of his life. Especially when it comes to his family, friends, and job.

Even though the Hulk has toned it down over the years, on occasion he will emerge when the Jets play like shit. My furniture and walls have been spared this season and we couldn’t be happier.

Do you live with a psycho fan? Any crazy stories to share?