October 20, 2011

Miracle Binky


I know there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not moms and dads should give their babies pacifiers. I know they discouraged it while we were in the hospital and it wasn’t until our very last night with a new night nurse who allowed us to plug up our screaming newborn. Ahhh peace and quiet for a few seconds..until she spit it out and we had to put it back in. Again and again and again and again. And then again.

When we arrived home, we waited a few weeks and tried the fancy cute binkies that I got as gifts or bought myself. She straight up  hated them. Whatta waste of money. She loved that stupid big, green hospital binky. So of course I enlisted my mom and cousin to go out and find more of the hospital-type ones, preferably in a different color. They arrived with cutesy, girly pink ones. Shocker – she hated those too. What the fahhhk! So I gave into her ugly binky obsession. It kept her quiet and happy in times of crying fits, so she wins.  My daughter, stuborn? Nooooo. She DEFINITELY doesn’t get it from me. No way.

Now fast forward to a few months ago, my sister and niece come to visit (we were pregnant together-totally unplanned-so the girls are 5 weeks apart & instant BFFs) and we were out shopping at BuyBuy Baby; aka the greatest store on the planet. She finds these binkies called WubbaNub – it’s a big, ugly green hospital binky that is attached to a tiny stuffed animal. Its really fucking adorable. My sister takes a frog and a pink pony over to my stubborn lil mule and asks her to pick which one she wants and Auntie will buy it for her. Her head literally turned from left to right and studied each, took a minute and then reached for the green frog. Really?! At 3 months she already has a mind of her own. We are in trouble.


So this WubbaNub goes every where with us and was given the name ‘Froggy Baby’. Clever and original, I know. It’s big enough that she can pick it up and put it in her mouth and we always know where it is. No more digging in the black hole that is my diaper bag. It does get soooo effing disgusting though. You must clean it at least once a week to get the nasty ass smell out of it. But she loves it. That thing is really a miracle. Not as much as a miracle as the jumpy thing, but she really adores that damn frog. I may be regretting it in a few years when I have a 3 years old walking around with a frog hanging out of her mouth.