May 16, 2012

Makeup 101 with MAC


Lets face it, you are never too old for a makeup 101 session.

As a pre-teen, I never knew how to apply make-up. I would steal my moms, watch her and try to copy. I looked like a hot mess! Random colors blended together, poking myself in the eye with the damn mascara wand and don’t even get me started on blush. Talk about clown face.

I guess it was pretty evident had no coordination in the beauty department, so before I went into High School, as a Christmas gift,  my cousins gave me a gift certificate to MAC to get a “makeover”.  I had a session with one of MACs fabulous makeup artists. They sat with me and went through the basics of makeup and showed me how to apply, blend and choose the right colors for my skin tone. It was awesome, my first MAC experience and I was hooked.

Now in my adult years, I have not turned my back on my beauty buddy. MAC has been with me through everything – parties, dressy events and even my wedding. So when I was invited as a plus one to a MAC event at Bloomies, I jumped at the chance. A night with one of MACs fab artists, teaching me tricks of the trade and one-on-one consultating?! No brainer!

the brilliant Celso!

Celso, one of MACs amazing artists at a local mall, spent the evening demonstrating the basic how-to’s of applying makeup, foundation and concealer. I never wore concealer or foundation, but go figure, as I turned 30 my skin changed and my old ass needs somethin’! He was brilliant and shared some amazing tips that I of course will share with you!

Tip #1 – Tools

Like any craftsman, you need the right tools to get the job done. Brushes are key – you need ones for applying eye shadow, so if you are a MAC junkie like me, go for #217. It will help you apply and blend your colors to perfection. For concealer and foundation – try #197 and pick up #212 to apply a perfect eye liner.

Eye Lash Curler – Invest in one! I know it looks like a weird, metal torture contraption, but that thing will help give your lashes a nice curl. Hold for 10 seconds, then release slightly and immediately squeeze again. You’re lashes will pop!

Tip #2 – Primer is a MUST!

Celso informed us ladies that primer is the most important thing you can do to keep your makeup on and looking great all day. MAC has primer available for both the eyes and face. You bet your sweet ass that I bought me some of that!

gotta use primer kids!

Tip #3 – Dab THEN Blend

When applying shadow to your lid, dab the color on the area you want it, then to get a softer look, blend. It will create a very soft, yet dramatic look you can wear day to night.

This method holds true to concealer as well. When applying concealer, dab all over, then blend. Dab…Blend…..Dab…Blend.

glorious shadows. i’ll take one of each please.

Tip #4 – Eye Liner

If you are an eye liner wearer, like myself, Celso enlightened me on how to wear it. During the day, wear brown. At night, switch to black. It gives a more dramatic look as opposed to the soft brown during the day. Who knew I was doing it wrong for years! I always wear black, day and night. Switching ASAP. Thanks, Celso.

Tip #5 – Blush: Out and Away

When applying your blush, smile then follow under the bone structure and brush out and away towards your hair line/ears. Give those cheeks some color!

Tip #6 – The Bronzer Half  “8”

I don’t typically use bronzer, but bought it when I was pregnant to give my pale ass face some color and life. I applied it like a crazy person, just brushing it all over. Celso advised to follow the figure 8 method, but cut in half. Starting at your forehead to the left make a backwards three or half of an 8. Then do the same to the other side. It will add a nice glow to your face. And don’t forget to blend your neck! You don’t want that ugly discolored line under your chin.

Tip #7 – The Mascara How-to

If you want those Kim Kardashian lashes with out applying the fakies, grab your eye lash curler and mascara. To get those long, luscious lashes follow the steps in Tip #1 then take your mascara wand and push it IN towards your nose, then OUT towards your ear then DOWN on the top of your lashes, then brush UP. Viola!

Tip #8 – Lip Color

I am a gloss wearer, not so much lipstick. But color on the lips is just as important as on the face and eyes. If you are looking for that natural look, Celso has a great tip. Apply lip balm first, then a little foundation and finish with some gloss. Your lips will look very soft and natural.

If you want that pop of color, grab your go-to lipstick and lip liner. The liner contains the color and makes the look more complete. If you are looking for something a bit softer, apply with your finger. By using your finger, you will blend the color and give it a softer feel.

Tip #9 – Eyebrows are IN!

The look that is in for summer is eyebrows, with just one shadow and great mascara. Now you are probably thinking, “What the hell do I have to do with my brows??!”, well Celso shared a trick of the trade that was given to him by none other than his mama (Mom’s do know best, right?!). Take a spoon and place it just under your brow, covering your eye and lid. With a complimenting color (for you brunettes out there, a brown would work), brush that on to your brow to fill out the gaps in the hairs. It will give the brows a prominent, bold look. Who knew with a spoon!

spoon brow trick!

Tip #10 – Cleanliness

Always clean your tools. Brushes, eye lash curler – you name it. MAC sells cleaner to keep your brushes life going. If you don’t want to spring for the MAC brand, all you mommies out there grab that Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Just use a little dab of it to clean the brushes with water, then take a paper towel and brush away. Back and forth till you get the dampness out. What ever you do DON’T dry your brushes standing up right. That will cause more damage than you know. Just hang the bristle part on the ledge of the sink to dry. Do this every week. YES EVERY WEEK! You spend good money on those things, you want them to last!

Hope these tip help you just as much as they helped me! If you have any questions or want a hands on consult, go to your local MAC counter or store. I know it can be intimadating, especially if you are like me and have no idea what you are doing but that is their job! They are more than happy to help you and give you any tips they have. And believe me, they have a shit ton! If you don’t have time to go in, definitely check out MACs website. They have awesome tutorials to help you with any and everything makeup!

the goods :-) couldn’t go home empty handed now!

Thanks to Alexis at TheExhaustedMom for letting me be her +1 and another big thanks to the fab Jewel at JewelsFabLife for hosting this great event! And I can’t forget about Celso, the amazing MAC artist!

– Amanda

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