May 22, 2012

Tuesday is the New Monday.



Last night my husband asked me what the worst day of the week is for me. Seeing as all days pretty much run into each other since I have stopped working, I just said Monday because, well, Monday’s have always sucked! Especially after a great weekend like we had, so of course Monday is going to fail in comparison!

When I reciprocated the question, he said Tuesdays. I of course laughed at him like I always do, and questioned his answer. He then proceeded with the rebuttal as to why he hates Tuesdays, and it actually made a shit ton of sense. He said Monday’s are usually slow days. Everyone crawls into work from a great weekend, tired and cranky that they had to wake up early and go into work. Then you spend most of the day catching up on what has happened over the weekend and before you know it, it’s time to go home. As for Tuesday’s, you are finally set in your groove, plowing through all the work, meetings, and reporting but then you realize its only Tuesday.  You are 4 long, grueling days away from your weekend and its highly depressing. I never thought of it like that and had to commend him on this observation.

Made me re-think my answer. I’m thinkin’ Tuesdays are the new Monday’s.

Annnd that’s my random thought for the day.



What do you think?? Are Tuesday’s the new Monday’s or does Monday still suck for you?