June 20, 2012

Rainy Day Activities


Living in South Florida it is known that the summer months it usually rains by 3-4 pm then stops shortly after. So you plan your days accordingly – especially if you are hitting the beach or pool. Yet there are days, like today, that we wake up and its raining and no end is in sight. Guess no pool today…wah.

So now what? What the hell am I going to do with a 14 month old with extreme amounts of energy?! Can’t booze it up, that’s for damn sure. So I go to plan B. Every mom should have a list in their back pocket for days like this.  A list of shit to do when the rains come. Here’s mine:

  • The Mall. This is my #1 place to go to get out of the house on rainy days. I love to shop, that’s no secret and so does my girl. Ok, she may not love it like I do, but she usually is an angel when we go there plus they have an area where she can run around and play. Most malls do, so check out yours and see if they have some sort of tot lot for you kiddo to run free in. Burns off all their energy plus you can do some shopping too. Double win.
  • Kids Museum. Most cities have some type of children’s museum where they can interact hands-on and learn at the same time. We have a few spanning from Miami to Palm Beach. Let them have some fun while educating them at the same time. South Florida moms, check these out.
  • Indoor Play Areas. Check out local play cafe’s – they are popping up all over the place. Can’t even name all the ones we have in a close vicinity to our house-too many! The prices range from around $6-10. We have yet to check out one of these places, but it’s certainly on my list. This is great even when it’s not raining – if you need to get out of the hot steamy heat it’s a good alternative.
  • Arts & Crafts. Get on Pinterest and find some cool activities you can do at home. I know some days when it’s raining I just don’t feel like lugging her around in the rain, so we stay home and find things to do here.
  • Indoor Picnic. Make some sandwiches and fun drinks. Let your kiddo in on the kitchen action too. Let them make some of the lunch so they feel like they helped. Put a big blanket down in the living room and eat up.
  • Make a Fort. This was by far my favorite thing to do as a kid. In fact, it still is. Ask my college room mates, we made forts every time there was a hurricane. Nothing beats a hurricane party..in a fort. Build a small or huge one and let the kids play in it till they get bored. Hey, you can even have a picnic in there.
  • Movie Theater. There are so many great movies coming out this summer for kids, like Brave. Take them to a matinee and pack some snacks in one of your hobo bags moms. Save some $$ on that deliciously fattening movie theater popcorn and candy! Or make your own movie theater. Set up some comfy, cushiony pillows on the floor, pop some popcorn and put them in little individual containers so the kids feel like its their own. Pop in a movie the kids haven’t seen yet and you’re good to go.
  • Old School Board Games. Bring it back to your own childhood and bust open some Candyland or Shoots & Ladders. Have a good old fashion board game day.
  • Bake. When all else fails, try baking. Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, cup cakes. Get some fun decorations and frosting’s then let the kids have fun and make a mess. Plus its a good treat with a glass of wine when the kids go to bed later!

What do you do on a rainy day?


For more ideas on what to do when it rains or when it’s sunny, check out this site I just found…awesomeness! FamilyDaysOut.com

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