July 3, 2012

DIY Jewelry & Bag Organization


Some people collect figurines, others may collect coins and some people collect stamps. It’s a fun thing to do until it become a problems – ahem hoarders! I haven’t gotten to that point yet but I do like collecting things…especially accessories. I have Caboodles full of old play jewelry from when I was little and jewelry boxes upon jewelry boxes full of everything from costume to my good jewelry. With all the boxes I couldn’t tell what I had so I barely wore half the accessories. I needed something to not only organize what I had but allow me to see them at the same time. After bashing my head against a wall, I found a solution-an inexpensive one at that.

Now, my closet is a walk-in but its not the biggest thing in the entire world. So I had to be very smart as to how to display my accessories. I had one huge wall to work with and had to make the best of the space. I had 2 old picture frames that I turned into a display for my earrings and necklaces. It was super easy – all you need is an old picture frame, some chicken wire and a staple gun. You will also need some type of wire cutter. If you don’t have or don’t know anyone that does, the friendly people at Home Depot or your local hardware store could probably help you out. Just make sure you have the right measurement and they will cut it for you. Then just staple the wire securely on the frame and you are done! Tons of space (depending on how big your frame is, of course!) for all your earrings, necklaces and bracelets!

Now what to do with all your handbags. It took me a minute to figure that one out. I have a decent amount small tote/handbags and wanted them a part of this “display”. On one of my many trips to Ikea, I found some great hanging hardware that would help the situation.


The flat, retractable hooks (pictured above) hold my purses so they don’t have to be hidden and collecting dust on a shelf. I also¬† found some round hooks that I screwed in to the wall that were perfect for my extra-long necklaces.

This really allows you to see what you own and actually use it! Because if you are anything like me, if its out of sight, its out of mind! Plus, when all your stuff is nicely on display, you kind of feel like you are “shopping” in your own closet!

finished product!

Now my next mission is my big cuff bracelets, shoes and belts! I have some ideas already brewing.

Have you found the best organization for these items? Would love to hear them!


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