July 16, 2012

Praise Thee Single Parent


I have been blessed to have family living extremely close to me. If I need any help with my lil kiddo, I have my parents 10 minutes South of us, my mother-in-law 10 minutes North, scattered relatives all over Broward/Dade area and a very involved and hands-on husband. If I ever need a hour to myself or we want to have a date night-they are there. Except this weekend.

My husband was out of town on a guys trip, my mother-in-law is summering upstate New York, and my mother jetted off to help my very pregnant-with-twins sister. So I was flying solo with my little princess, who as many of you may have read, is becoming quite the drama queen and throwing tantrums at least 10x’s a day. My social life (or lack there of) had to be completely put on hold so I can cater to the lil D.Q. On top of the tantrums, the weather down here in sunny FLA sucked all weekend, so there goes the pool or park to help run her battery down. BLEH!

It really opened my eyes to the wonder that is the single parent. Grant it, its only been 2 days, but DAMN! I’m exhausted. Dealing with tantrums, cat fights, yelling, screaming fits – all alone – it literally drove me to drink as soon as she went to sleep. After today’s fun filled day of tantrumness, I just sat back and thought about all the single parents out there who do this on a daily basis and about the ones who aren’t as fortunate to have all the help that I have. They deserve a fucking medal! I’ve always had respect for the single parents out there, along with the working mom’s and dad’s but man, after the weekend I had, you single mom’s and dad’s out there deserve all the respect in the damn world! So the point of my story here -single parents: you fucking rock!

Now back to my wine.


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