July 27, 2012

Get In The Olympic Spirit with Ralph Lauren


Who doesn’t love when it’s an Olympic year!?

The games are FINALLY here! The world can escape to London for a couple weeks to see the world’s most talented athletes compete for our respective countries. This year, Team USA will look better than ever thanks to Ralph Lauren.

For the 2012 Summer games in London, Ralph Lauren will be outfitting Team USA with some great pieces that represent the good old red, white, and blue and its starts with their opening ceremony outfits. Team USA will be wearing Ralph Lauren khaki pants paired with a sharp navy blazer. Not to be biased or anything, but they are going to look freakin’ classy! Ralph Lauren has teamed up with Bloomingdales and they are selling the entire opening ceremonies outfit. Exclusively at Bloomies! Along with this specially designed outfit, RL has created signature pieces for everyone in the whole family. So if blazers aren’t your thing, maybe try one of their signature t-shirts or a pair of soft, comfy shorts.

signature looks for boys @Bloomies

Ralph Lauren didn’t forget about our mini-me’s either.


They created some adorable, matching pieces for our kiddies so the whole family can coordinate!

Grab a pair of signature shorts, a romper, tee or onesie for your lil man or lady to cheer for Team USA.

cute rompers and outfits for girls

To see the entire collection of Ralph Lauren Olympic gear, go to your local Bloomingdales.

Some Olympic Fun Facts:

  • There are 1000 American’s in the opening ceremonies
  • Over 9 million tickets were sold
  • Total of 34 venues
  • There are 26 sports and 205 countries participating in this years Olympics
  • Women’s boxing will make its Olympic debut in London
  • Gold medals are mostly made of silver and it would cost over $20,000 for a pure gold medal
  • Only 1 person has ever one gold during the summer and winter Olympics: Eddie Eagan
  • Athletes in the ancient Olympics competed nude

–  Amanda

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