August 10, 2012

A Plea To Nickelodeon


For the love of God, Nickelodeon! Where are the ‘Bubble Guppies’ merchandise?!

It has been over a year that my lil girl has been obsessed with these mermaid people. She gets into what I call the “Bubble Guppies Trance”. As soon as she hears the ever intoxicating theme song begin, she takes her place in front of the T.V. for the entire 20-something minutes its on with a glazed look over her face and does not move. Well, until they start singing a song she likes and begins to dance. She’s cool like that.

Some of you might remember my open letter to Nick less than a year ago, begging and pleading for some damn toys that we can spend our hard-earned money on. I mean, I’ve got grandparents that want to spoil this kid! Might as well have a house full of Bubble Guppies shit than random toys she will only play with once. Well, as expected, Nickelodeon ignored me. As I still search high and low for anything Bubble Guppies, the only things I find are cutesy embroided clothing on Etsy or just plain old books and coloring books. That’s fine and all but compared to freaking SpongeBob…c’mon! What more do they need? Hundreds of thousands of kids to watch the show every day? And don’t even get me started on Nick Jr’s website. Believe me, I love arts and crafts just as the next stay at home mom, but with a very energetic 17 month old-who the hell has time to make a felt Bubble Guppy pillow?!

From the looks of things, there are a lot of parents asking for the same thing I am. So I feel it is my duty as a parent of a child who not only had a

how can Nickelodeon deny this face Bubble Guppies toys?!

Bubble Guppies themed 1st birthday (which I had to make all the decorations from scratch, thank you very much, Nick!) but loves these little guppies more than anything, to keep pestering Nickelodeon until we get an answer or some toys….or ANYTHING! For now, we are just stuck with the Fan Club.

Balls in your court, Nickelodeon.


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