September 14, 2012

10 Unique Gift Ideas For Twins


My sister was blessed to have two healthy TWIN baby girl’s a little over a month ago. The entire family is still in shock that there are two more in the surreal. I scrambled to find the perfect gift for these twinies. Besides helping out with some basics, I really wanted to welcome my nieces into the family in a special way. As always, I waited till the last minute and ended up running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

I noticed there aren’t much “twin” stuff that is readily accessible. If you go to any of the baby stores, they typically don’t cater to the family of multiples. Trying to find coordinating outfits was harder than I imagined. Don’t even get me started on double/triple strollers. My heart goes out to all those mommy & daddy’s of multiples, its rough getting prepared. Well, in my efforts to try and make parents lives a little more easier, I have some 10 awesomely unique gifts that any parent of twins would love.

  1. Personalized Gift Basket.
    Find two (or how ever many you need) baskets or bins that could be used to store things in. Fill up each basket with goodies like coordinating onesies & pj’s, a personalized sippy cup, bows and/or hats, fun socks, 2 different Wubbanub’s, rattles/teethers, and some wash clothes. Stuff some colorful tissue paper in the bin and around each item. You can use the sippy cup as the name tag.
  2. Box of Diapers & Wipes.
    So simple yet so great! If you can’t think or find anything that you like, go the diaper route. Sending a box diapers and some wipes is like receiving a box of gold! If you think one newborn goes through diapers like crazy-try 2 at the same.
  3. Dinner – restaurant gift cards, homemade or takeout.
    Another no brainer that goes a long way! The last thing on anyone’s mind is cooking when they have a newborn. Now double that plus any other siblings in the home. Bringing over frozen meals, home-cooked meals, take-out at a local restaurant or even a bunch of gift cards to restaurants in the area so the new parents don’t have to worry about dinner.
  4. My Breast Friend.
    This may look absolutely crazy but if you loved your Boppy, chances are a mom of twins will love this! Plus, if shes brave enough to double fist feeding them, she’s gonna need it!
    This is the greatest place for unique and personalized gifts. There are adorable personalized onesies for twins and really creative knit outfits, like super heroes or mermaids. Even cute bibs, bows and hats.
  6. Grocery Delivery Service.
    There are a bunch of services out there that allow you to order groceries online and someone will deliver. Find if there is one in the area of the new parents, sign them up, order a bunch of food and have it delivered to them. Mostly basics, like milk, butter, bread, fruits, etc. Plus the new parents can continue using the service because leaving the house with twins (and possibly other siblings) could be an ordeal. Try Peapod or
  7. Matching Step-stool/Chair.
    Get the twins a matching chair that turns into a step-stool with their names on it. I love little personalized chairs as gifts and these can be a puzzle, stool and seat all in one.
  8. Stationary & Address Labels.
    We all know that people shower you with wonderful gifts and thoughts when these new bundles arrive. Send some personalized stationary or twin stationary thank you cards to the new babies along with personalized address labels. Check out these or if you are savvy with the computer, make some yourself. My cousin made me a bunch then sent me the file so I could continue to print out as many as I need. It will definitely help save some time when ready to send thank you’s!
  9. Twin Carrier or Sling.
    Now, I don’t know if I could ever pull this off but having the babies strapped to you might be easier to get some things done. They actually DO make ones that carry both babies. How these moms don’t break their backs is beyond me-warriors! You could also get a regular Bjorn to hold one at a time.
  10. Dr. Seuss Themed Gift-‘Thing 1 & 2’.
    They make some really cute onesies, pj’s and t-shirts with those little famous blue haired guys. Get a few outfits, a stuffed animal or even some books and you got yourself a great twin gift.


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