September 18, 2012

FINALLY! ‘Bubble Guppies’ Toys


While doing my morning computer rituals of checking emails and seeing whats going on with the world of Facebook, I saw a very interesting post from Nickelodeon. Now, I’m sure you all remember my love/hate relationship with Nick here and here. I don’t really complain much about the unstable premieres of new shows, but mostly with the toys and other ‘Bubble Guppies’ merchandise (or lack there of). Again, we love books..but where are the toys?!

Well my fellow parents of ‘Bubble Guppies’ obsessed children, our prayers of these missing merchandise items is slowly being answered. On you can pre-order plush toys of your kiddies favorite Guppies! Get your Gil Plush doll, Molly Plush Doll and of course everyone’s favorite Bubble Puppy! Only $11.99!! This is huge. HUGE! Finally some tangible Bubble Guppies paraphernalia.

I have already placed my order and best part, with the October 20th release date, these will be great for Christmas. And who knows, there may even be more toys out by then…..fingers crossed.

So a BIG Thank You to Nickelodeon for finally seeing the light and getting the ball rolling with Bubble Guppies toys. Even though the last thing we all need are more stuffed animals in our homes, it is a great freaking start!!


UPDATE 10/31/12: I signed up with and they send you an email when the Amazon prices drop back to 11.99 – just got the remaining guppies I needed for my girl. As of 10:15 am on 10/31/12 they had Gil & Bubble Puppy in stock for that price. Get them while you can!! Keep checking Amazon because apparently they go in and out of stock pretty quickly!

UPDATE 10/14/12: Don’t be fooled by the $50+ guppies! Word is they will be out in November…so please don’t fall for the third party retailers! They are just trying to take advantage of us parents! As always I will keep this post updated with any changes!

UPDATE 10/11/12: Heard back from finally. Apparently all the pre-ordered Bubble Guppies are sold out! :( The outrageously expensive ones for over $50 are from third party vendors trying to take us parents for all we are worth for a few stuffed animals. claims they do not know when they will be getting them back in stock for the $11.99 price, but I will continually check and keep this post updated. Fingers crossed before Christmas!!

UPDATE  10/10/12: Apparently the links are saying they are $50+ instead of $11.99. I have been investigating and reached out to Amazon for some answers so stay tuned Bubble Guppy friends!

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