FINALLY! ‘Bubble Guppies’ Toys

While doing my morning computer rituals of checking emails and seeing whats going on with the world of Facebook, I saw a very interesting post from Nickelodeon. Now, I’m sure you all remember my love/hate relationship with Nick here and here. I don’t really complain much about the unstable premieres of new shows, but mostly with the toys and other ‘Bubble Guppies’ merchandise (or lack there of). Again, we love books..but where are the toys?!

Well my fellow parents of ‘Bubble Guppies’ obsessed children, our prayers of these missing merchandise items is slowly being answered. On you can pre-order plush toys of your kiddies favorite Guppies! Get your Gil Plush doll, Molly Plush Doll and of course everyone’s favorite Bubble Puppy! Only $11.99!! This is huge. HUGE! Finally some tangible Bubble Guppies paraphernalia.

I have already placed my order and best part, with the October 20th release date, these will be great for Christmas. And who knows, there may even be more toys out by then…..fingers crossed.

So a BIG Thank You to Nickelodeon for finally seeing the light and getting the ball rolling with Bubble Guppies toys. Even though the last thing we all need are more stuffed animals in our homes, it is a great freaking start!!

- Amanda

UPDATE 10/31/12: I signed up with and they send you an email when the Amazon prices drop back to 11.99 – just got the remaining guppies I needed for my girl. As of 10:15 am on 10/31/12 they had Gil & Bubble Puppy in stock for that price. Get them while you can!! Keep checking Amazon because apparently they go in and out of stock pretty quickly!

UPDATE 10/14/12: Don’t be fooled by the $50+ guppies! Word is they will be out in November…so please don’t fall for the third party retailers! They are just trying to take advantage of us parents! As always I will keep this post updated with any changes!

UPDATE 10/11/12: Heard back from finally. Apparently all the pre-ordered Bubble Guppies are sold out! :( The outrageously expensive ones for over $50 are from third party vendors trying to take us parents for all we are worth for a few stuffed animals. claims they do not know when they will be getting them back in stock for the $11.99 price, but I will continually check and keep this post updated. Fingers crossed before Christmas!!

UPDATE  10/10/12: Apparently the links are saying they are $50+ instead of $11.99. I have been investigating and reached out to Amazon for some answers so stay tuned Bubble Guppy friends!

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54 thoughts on “FINALLY! ‘Bubble Guppies’ Toys

  1. Thanks for sharing! My daughter is obsessed with Bubble Guppies. When I clicked on the link, though, it was around $50 per toy? What is the link for the. $11.99 ones? Thanks!! :-)

    • @susan-that is weird! just went back to the link as well and am SHOCKED! when i posted they were pre-ordering for the oct.20th release and they were 11.99 not $54!! i will hunt down the link and post it! sorry!!

      • so was the $11.99 just a deposit? or did the people that ordered them while they were that price get them for that price and now the rest of us suckers are stuck with paying $50?

      • @kelly-was actually JUST about to write another update. finally heard back from amazon. apparently all the pre-orders are sold out on amazon. the ones that are for $50+ are third party vendors…obviously trying to get us parents to pay out the nose for these stuffed animals! amazon claims they don’t know when they will get more back in stock. hopefully before xmas because i REFUSE to pay $50!!! will keep it updated when i find out more info

      • Thanks for the update. Bummer that amazon isn’t taking any more of the pre-orders at $11.99. Please keep us posted if you you get any more info. Thanks!!

  2. My daughter is 14 months and OBSESSED with the bubble guppies! I want to try to get these for her for Christmas! Do you know if they will be sold in stores at all? I’ve looked online trying to find info but no luck! Thanks!

    • @kim – i am on the same hunt! i have also had zero luck trying to find any info on if they will be in stores. will keep the post updated if i find anything and please let me know if you find out before :) its just crazy that we have to go on this wild goose chase for the guppies!

  3. This is CRAZY!! I can’t help but wonder if Nick and other Companies do this to us on purpose!! I have been all over the internet trying to find these dolls for a reasonable rate. My son’s 2nd birthday is coming up and he’s having a bubble guppie party, and I would LOVE to be able to give him one of these as a present w/o paying $50 + !!! I have talked to all store managers and they are cluless! I’m starting to think this is some sort of scam or something. . Has anyone actaully seen/touched one of these dolls yet??

    • Ok ladies! I talked to one if the crazy people on eBay trying to sell these for $100+ and he told me tht since they all sold out on amazon to keep an eye out bc once they restock they will be selling them again BEFORE the holidays!!!! So as far as I am thinking we won’t be seeing these in stores anytime soon! Kinda crazy….doesn’t Nikelodeon see if they would make some stuff and throw it on the shelves it would fly off??? Im watching the bubble guppies right now….agh!!!

      • @kim- it’s beyond crazy!! For over a year I have been looking for anything other than books and coloring books and NOTHING!! I don’t understand why Nickelodeon hasn’t jumped on this gold mine they are sitting on with Bubble Guppies-its so frustrating!!

      • I assume they have because ebay sellers claim to have them in hand and I’ve seen pictures of the actual dolls.
        I’ve contacted amazon 4x to see if they’ll be getting them back in stock and each rep has given me the ‘we’re not sure at this point’ answer.
        I know it’s expensive but I went ahead and ordered my toddler bubble puppy from an eBay sell for about $40.
        They don’t seem to be coming down on price and I already missed pre-order I don’t want to miss getting her one all together.

      • @nikki – awww man! i preordered bubble puppy too and still haven’t gotten mine :( cant wait to see it in person! really hope they restock soon!!!

  4. I got my actual bubble guppie toys today from amazon….I had pre ordered them early September…they are cute-hoping the rest of the group comes out and maybe some other toys! A mom can dream I suppose!!!

  5. So, I just happened to start looking again and see that I missed the ‘pre-order’ guppies from reading the reviews on Amazon.
    I refuse to pay that much…so I’m going to have to keep checking for when they come back in with a lower price.
    One reviewer said she received her Gil guppy and he was nice…for $11.99, not $50+ bucks!!!

  6. I pre-ordered a Bubble Puppy for my son about 2 weeks ago, it was the only character of the 3 available left (by Amazon) for $11.99 & when I purchased it said it was 1 of only 2 Bubble Puppies left….now all the $35-$55 guppies are 3rd party sales…apparently Amazon has not restocked theirs just yet…but I am sure they will soon!

  7. Oh & I also recieved my Bubble Puppy, today actually & it is stinkin’ cute!! (& it was $11.99 pre-ordered)

  8. Amazon had Gil and Molly for $11.99 today but when I ordered at about 4:20 central time there were only a few left.

    • I ordered molly today too. Had Gil in my cart and if was gone in the 30 seconds if took to put in my card number! So mad! At least I gig one! :)

      • Woo Hoo! 1 down and 1 to go!!! I got Gil today for $11.99…now I just need Bubble Puppy and I’m done!

      • It was doing that to me, it would show it was there and I put in my information then it said it was gone.
        Amazon holds my credit card information so it was literally just two or three clicks.
        After maybe half a dozen times it went through and said they’re both available at $11.99 price.
        I would keep looking, I checked several times and sometimes it shows them at the $11.99 price and sometimes it doesn’t.

        Now i just hope I don’t get the dreaded “were out of stock” email that I’ve gotten when I’ve ordered items before. :)

  9. Now Molly and bubble puppy are both $11.99.
    Please keep me posted if any other bubble got these toys come available other than just these plush dolls or books :)

      • Great thank you.
        Sorry about the weird wording, bubble got these instead of bubble guppies. I was too lazy to key on my phone and was using text to type ha ha, and i missed that mistake ;)

  10. So, I take it they only made Molly, Gil and Bubble Puppy? I got Gil and Bubble Puppy, but wouldn’t mind Mr. Grouper or the other boys for my little guppy. He LOVES this show so much so I would love for Nick to come out with more merchandise, other than books, coloring books and the DVD.

    • @crystal – yup i dont know why they only made 3 of the 8 characters. my little one loves oona and deema and of course mr grouper. i really hope nickelodeon comes out with more stuff…there are only so many books we can buy!

  11. am I the only one who loves Nonny? my son is too young to really follow the show, but he likes the bright colors, movement, and singing. but my husband and I both love Nonny!

      • glad we’re not the only ones. :)

        also, I just ordere bubble puppy for my son and molly as a Christmas present for a friend’s daughter for 11.99 each. Gil is still over $30.

  12. Walmart had really big, like 2′ or so long, Molly plush dolls.
    I’d like to see something else tho, aside plush dolls and books.

  13. Is offering a bubble guppies magic hair Molly bath doll.
    It doesn’t even look like Molly, I won’t be buying it for my little one.
    Honestly it has a disturbing look.
    I guess this is a good sign though, maybe more bubble guppies toys are coming

    • @Hazel’s Mom hahah sounds creepy! i will have to keep an eye out just to check it out :) i saw on toys r us website they had some ‘Rock n Roll stage’ playset….not entirely sure what it does, but has a pretty hefty price tag of $30. seems molly is the only one included and she slides down the stage?? idk if thats worth that kind of money BUT i couldn’t agree more, definitely a sign of possibly more and more guppy toys going out in the market!

      • You can get all 3 dolls on Amazon for $24 I just got them in the mail!! Bubble puppy is so CUTE! They need to start making all of them!

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  15. I agree.100 percent they over charge for bubble guppies stuff and they r not worth the money they r charging

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