October 5, 2012

Common Courtesy Is Dead.


It truly is and its a damn shame.

It seems the older I get, the more people and things people do get on my nerves. By the time I’m 80, I’ll be one of those bitter old hags screaming at kids to turn their music down as they drive past me or something. Sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it! But lately, more and more people just really could care less about anyone around them and mainly focus on themselves. The world has become extremely selfish and its pretty damn disgusting.

Exhibit A. Last weekend we flew up to NY for our nieces sweet sixteen bash. Now, flying with a toddler is like flying with a bipolar little person-one minute they are sweet angels and the next their heads completely turn backwards and the devil is among us. Screaming, crying, thrusting of limbs-I’m sure all you parents out there who have flown with a toddler can relate. Well, I was always under the impression that there was some kind of unspoken “airplane etiquette” that everyone follows when exiting the plane; that being you don’t go until the row ahead of you go’s. Apparently that “rule” is dead along with common courtesy. People three rows behind us were pushing others out of the way so they can exit. Literally plowing elderly couples down or lining up in the rows as we are still taxiing. WTF is the rush?! It’s not like this is peoples first time flying, we all know how it goes. Don’t they get that we will probably get off a few seconds earlier if they just fucking waited till their row was free to leave instead of jumping ahead of me and my screaming child? Apparently not. So after numerous flights like this, and believe me, the baby doesn’t stop people from ripping their luggage from over my head. The nerve….and not even an “excuse me” or “sorry” for almost knocking me and my kid unconscious. Its absolutely disgusting, just to get off a plane a few seconds before everyone else. CMON!

Exhibit B. Just actually happened a few hours ago, prompting me to write this. I was just out mailing a couple packages. One was at least 8 lbs, the other barely 3. Now, picture a women walking up to the post office carrying 2 boxes in one arm, a bag on that same shoulder and pushing a toddler in a stroller with the other arm. Adjacent to me is a woman, who clearly saw me because we made eye contact and my daughter was talking jibberish at a very loud tone for the entire shopping plaza to hear. She is just a few steps ahead of me because she is not weighed down by boxes and a stroller. She swings the door open and waltzes into the post office letting the door literally slam in my face. I’m not in any means looking for the world to revolve around me because I have a kid, but common courtesy would be to at least hold the door open so I can make it in. Nope. Instead she watched me struggle to open the door with my only free hand and juggle the boxes and shove my daughter’s stroller through. Really?  Thanks bitch. I’m so glad she enjoyed the show. I gave her a nasty look and normally I would say something extremely obnoxious indirectly to her but I didn’t even have it in me. I was too busy worrying that these packages would fall on my kids head if I didn’t put them down.

Now, I get that people are in a rush majority of the time, but how difficult is it to simply open a door for someone or just even push it open so they can make it through? WTF has happened in the world that we can’t even do this simple act? It pisses me off. The way some strangers act is repulsively selfish and makes you think why should I be nice to strangers if they refuse to do it back? As I drove off, steaming mad from this rude woman’s act I vowed not to turn into a person that acts like that and do just the opposite. Hold doors for people, offer help to someone who might need it and not expect anything in return. So I’m vowing to pay it forward, do nice deeds for strangers because the last thing we need in this world is another self-centered, ignorant person walking around letting doors slam in others face’s.

BLEHH! Who is with me to ‘Paying It Forward’??


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