iProblems: Part Deux

Normally I am pretty cautious with my cell phones. In 10+ years of owning them, I’ve only had two major issues and they all have happened in this past year.

iProblem #1: water in my iPhone. I avoided any major damages by this simple rice trick.

iProblem #2:

My poor BRAND NEW iPhone. I think what makes this even worse is that I just received this beautiful new iPhone 5 in the mail not even 2 weeks ago and one stupid incident ruined it in a matter of seconds.

Now comes the hard part – finding a place that has the equipment to fix the new iPhones, since the screen and body style is long and slimmer. I want to cry!

Want to know how much money you’ll have to shell out to fix this issue? $300. That is more than I paid for the damn phone!! These cell phone fixer places are charging $250-300 to simply change out the glass. It apparently costs this exorbitant amount of money because the iPhone is brand spankin’ new, but they told me ‘not to worry’, with in a few months the price should go down. Sigh. Looks like my phone will be shattered until then.

So my advice to anyone who has an iPhone-wrap that shit in bubble wrap or buy a damn case that is indestructible!

Anyone have this issue or am I the only dummy?

- Amanda

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2 thoughts on “iProblems: Part Deux

  1. You just made me realize I have had a cell phone for ten years! Lol.

    I have the same phone. Do u have insurance on it?

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