March 26, 2013

Alternative Easter Basket Ideas


Easter is approaching quickly and if you walk into any store you are immediately greeted with rows and rows of sugary candy and stuffed animals. Bunny overload! Your typical Easter baskets usually are filled to the brim with chocolate bunnies and eggs, jelly beans, and marshmellow-y goodies. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with some sugar (said the pregnant lady!) but if you want to stay clear from all the junky foods this year, here are a few alternative ideas that will make the Easter Bunny look great. The last thing we need this Sunday is the holiday sugar rush and the ever-dreaded crash that follows shortly there after!

– Money –

Fill as many plastic Easter eggs as you can with coins or dollar bills. If you really want to go crazy, throw a $5, $10 or $20 in one! The kids could put them in their piggy banks, a great way to learn to “save”. If they don’t already have a piggy bank, you can throw one of those in the basket with all the money eggs!

– Books –

If your kids a reader, stock up on some books along with a few book marks. If you visit your local Homegoods or TJ Maxx/Marshalls they usually have a great kid section full of books that are a bit discounted from bigger book stores. You can get double the amount! If you have an older kid, maybe get a $10 give card to Barnes & Noble for them to pick out their own books.

– Pool Themed –

Since Spring is officially here, nothing beats the pool or beach. Well, weather permitting that is! Grab some pool toys from the Dollar Store or Target, a cute bathing suit, cover up, a fun towel, some sunglasses, sun block and you have yourself a great basket that will pump up your kid for Spring/Summer!

– Favorite TV/Movie/Game Themed –

If your kid has a favorite TV show or movie, find some great toys, t-shirts, and/or DVDs/Games. Right now my daughter is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Club House. I was thinking of getting some Mickey & Minnie paraphernalia, some Disney books, and a dress up outfit. If you have a super heroes fan, check out the toy section and see if they have any role playing items that they will love, like a sword, shield, or helmet. Put some DVDs in the basket, along with super hero themed shirts, PJs, or they may even have candy that is geared towards your theme. I found Angry Birds gummies at Walmart that will be going in one of my nephews Easter baskets this year!

– Gift Cards –

These are a sure fire win! This may be better for the older kids, pre-teen/tween-agers. They have a gift card for pretty much everything now. You can make a whole mish-mosh of small denomination cards or one big one. I personally like the idea of a few different ones! You can get maybe $5-$10 gift cards to their favorite eateries (Chick-Fil-a, Coldstone for example). You may even be able to find some larger plastic eggs that will fit the cards in to make it more festive. You can also get some towards your local movie theater for a night out with their friends. Or if they already drive (yes, older kids can get Easter baskets too! I still got one up till I had a baby from my mom 😉 ) you can get some gas cards! Get as creative as you want and think outside the box.

– Arts & Crafts –

Stock up on some great artsy items that will keep you creative kids busy on down days. Stuff the basket with crayons, markers, coloring books, sketch books, and/or craft kits. They have some great options at Micheal’s or even Walmart. If you want to get super creative, instead of your traditional Easter basket, use a storage basket or bin instead, so your kid has something to store all their arts and crafts in.

– Outside Fun –

Since the weather is getting warmer, in some areas, stock up on some fun outdoor activities. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bouncy balls, roller skates, a scooter, skateboard – basically anything that would make being outside a blast! My niece and daughter are bubble fanatics and have just learned the fun of sidewalk chalk, so you know there will be some of each in at least one of their baskets this year!

– For the Babies –

If your child is still an infant, that doesn’t mean they can’t still join in on the fun! My twin nieces are too young to enjoy candy so their baskets will be filled with yummy puffs snacks, new sippy cups, some teething toys, new pjs, socks and teething cookies. You can stuff theirs with anything helpful to that age group, so they can enjoy Easter morning with the big kids!

minnie mouse easter!!

minnie mouse easter!!

I always like to do something a little different to make the basket recipient feel special! Just think outside the box and no matter what you do you, you will have a happy kid on Easter morning!

Does the Easter Bunny do alternative gift baskets for your kids on Easter? What are some goodies you put in?

– Amanda

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