May 21, 2014

Ocean Potion Takes on #FLBestBeach!





It’s SUMMER TIME, ya’ll!

OK, well it might not technically be summer yet but down here in Florida, it sure as heck feels like it! That means pool, beach and park days galore. No matter where we live or how close to the equator we might be, the sun is one powerful beast and everyone needs to protect their skin from the UV rays. Yes, even the most sun worshiping, baby oil-lathering person needs to stop and protect, cause our skin is the largest organ in our body and we all need to keep it in the best condition we can. We don’t want to look like this…


So this past week as we ventured to the beach (sorry to piss the northerner’s off!) We tried out a new sunscreen to ward off those evil UV rays – Ocean Potion. There’s nothing more I love than a local product! Ocean Potion is out of Cocoa Beach, Florida and has been around for 25 years. All Ocean Potion lotions (I like to rhyme, is that crime?) are fortified with Vitamin D3 which is great for your skin along with being PABA-free, Parabene-free, and most are Oxybenzone-free.

oceanpotionI am big on protecting my whole family when we are out in the scorching sun. Anyone who has little ones knows how much of pain it is to keep your kids still so you can apply enough lotion on them. Ocean Potion’s Kid Spray is great for this purpose and the kicker is it smells great! We tried out the Kids +50 and it went on with ease! It dries pretty quickly too, so you don’t have to make them wait to get them out in the sun and play. Huge plus, especially with an impatient 3 year old! As I sprayed, my little one said – “MMMMM mommy, that smells gooooood!”. Ocean Potion Kids comes in a fruit fragrance which is yet another added bonus. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes. AntiMomBlog Sun Tip: Although it says 80 minutes, I like to re-apply every 45 minutes/hour just to be on the safe side, especially for kids!

My husband even got in on the fun and tried out Ocean Potion’s Instant Dry Mist Sport 30+ and loved it. Again, time is of the essence when we are out in the sun and we don’t have a minute to lose with 2 kids raring to go, so the quicker our  sunscreen gets on, the better. It went on smooth and dried up quick so we were able run after the kids. Ocean Potion has become one of my favorite beach accessories this summer! Since the hubby was chasing after the kids, I got to lay back and enjoy some relaxation with Ocean Potions Protect and Nourish 50+. For not being a spray, it had some quick absorption, I was pleasantly surprised!

Since we are always in the sun, I’ve come up with some tip’s that will help keep you and the family happy, safe and ready for anything!

AntiMomBlog’s Tips – 5 Things to Always Have With You This Summer

1. Always ALWAYS keep sunscreen with you. You never know where the days may take you and having a bottle in your diaper bag will be worth adding an extra pound to it! Even if you are at the park, pool, zoo or just taking a walk, protect yourself! So go grab yourself a bottle of Ocean Potion and toss it in your bag. (here’s a coupon) :)

2. Water should be your new BFF this summer (and every day for that matter!). I like to keep a small cooler in the car stocked with water bottles. Even if I am out running errands, it’s great to have. Pack some ice packs in there to keep them cool so you stay hydrated because there is nothing worse than getting dehydrated in the hot summer months.

3. If you are beaching it with youngsters, baby powder should always be in your beach bag! It works wonders on getting pesky sand off your little ones. Just toss some on your kids, brush off with a towel and voila – sand disappears like magic.

4. Just like water and sunscreen, I always have hats in my car for everyone in the family. Keeps your eyes and face shaded and your head from getting burnt. We are a dark haired family and that sun heats our hair to boiling states! It’s awful and hurts like heck!

5. An umbrella! If you live in Florida, summer means hot, humid and spontaneous afternoon downpours.  You can literally see it coming if you are driving, its wild! It’s a way of life for us down here and if you are out and about around 3ish, you better be prepared other wise you will need a change of clothes.


Check out these and all the Ocean Potion sunscreens as you plan your Memorial Day and all your summer activities. Be sure to print out and take advantage of this $2.00 Ocean Potion coupon so you can get protected! Also, don’t forget to place your vote for Florida’s Best Beach! I am hoping Lauderdale by the Sea wins. That is our beautiful beach!

Thank you Ocean Potion for protecting families everywhere this summer!


Disclaimer: Although I was provided samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

PABA-free, Paraben-free and most are Oxybenzone-free. – See more at:
PABA-free, Paraben-free and most are Oxybenzone-free. – See more at:
PABA-free, Paraben-free and most are Oxybenzone-free. – See more at:
PABA-free, Paraben-free and most are Oxybenzone-free. – See more at:
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