July 23, 2014

Lunching At American Girl Bistro at The Falls Miami

Lunching At American Girl Bistro at The Falls Miami



If you have daughters, granddaughters, nieces, or know a special little girl that loves dolls, you have to let them experience all the girly fun that is American Girl! Back when I used to play with dolls, I always loved getting those random American Girl catalogs in the mail and begging my mom and dad for ‘Samantha’ all decked out in plaid with her cute beret. Sadly, I never got one, but was always envious of friends who had her or one of the other popular dolls back in the late 80’s early 90’s. So you can imagine my inner child excitement when I was invited to brunch at The American Girl store at The Falls Miami. My 10 year old self jumped for joy at the chance to see the mecca that is American Girl.

I walked in and immediately felt like a kid again, surrounded by dolls, clothing and accessories. Little Amanda was freaking out by all the things they have for these dolls. Beyond clothes are furniture pieces (legit full bedroom furniture!), pool cabanas, bath tubs, high chairs, mommy-approved strollers, hair pieces (yes, you read that right!) and even a salon to that you could bring your doll to so she can get refreshed. Hair, face, even a spa package!

American Girl Salon

This place was truly a little girls dream come true and to make American Girl store above the rest, they have American Girl Bistro in store so you can come lunch like a true lady….with your American Girl doll! Along with some fabulous South Florida bloggers, we were lucky enough to experience a true ladies lunch at American Girl Bistro.

American Girl Bistro

The menu caters to young kids and their adult counterparts! You can get yummy chicken fingers and mac & cheese to fruity fondue with yogurt while you sip on fun drinks like Sparklers, lemonade, tea and milkshakes. Perfect plates that are kid size and kid friendly! We started with some great apps that consisted of BBQ Chicken Skewers and Cheesy Quesadillas. For my main dish I ordered a salad fit for a queen – full of fresh, crisp lettuce, huge chunks of chicken and a fresh dressing. Dessert was even more fun – banana splits, pots of mousse, cookie and brownie sundaes! Even my adorbs lunch date got in on the food fun:

American Girl Doll

potted mousse & tea…a perfect lady


Every guest is encouraged to dine with their own or a borrowed ‘friend’. Seeing the other little girls and their moms, grandma’s and friends dining with their dolls pulled at my heartstrings a bit and brought me back to my youth of pretend tea parties with my dolls.

It was such a fun afternoon full of great food, all things girly & we left with some fabulous gifts courtesy of 8 of The Falls Miami fabulous stores:




I am DYING to bring my Little Diva there with her Bitty Baby to enjoy a fun afternoon at American Girl & American Girl Bistro  – stay tuned to hear about her experience! Thank you again to American Girl & The Falls Miami for a wonderful afternoon!

To learn more about the American Girl store and all the experiences available for you and your little one, check out their website. They have tons of in-store events like story time and author meetings, that your kids will love!


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