September 15, 2014

Party Foul: Bean Bag Toss Pinterest Fail


pinterest fail

Pinterest is probably one of my favorite procrastinating sites. I have a million things to do but I need to go pin 50 recipes that I may never make. I especially love it when I am doing some party planning. Baby O’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I was all over that place pinning the shit out of decorations, recipes, games, hair do’s, makeup, funny memes….I may have gotten distracted and thrown off course BUT I found some quality ideas off of it. I wanted to make sure there were tons to do for the kids, because of their short attention spans and the variety of ages attending. I came across a bean bag toss game and I thought about buying one for about $15 but my DIY radar went off and thought, hey, I could TOTALLY do this myself for cheap. I found an easy tutorial and bought the all the needed materials. I literally spent $5 on everything and had my own paint to decorate it. I really had high hopes for this project, a little too high if you ask me. I even had visions of making a great “How To” post about it. Instead, here I am telling my epic Pinterest fail story.


My cockiness jinxed me and I should have know better.


Day 1: I started tracing my tri-fold foam board, cutting everything with my trusty exacto knife and that is where my doubts started. Have you ever tried cutting circles into a foam board? Not as easy as I envisioned. Even though it looked like I hacked that board to death, it was still workable and I knew I could salvage it.

Then I got the bright idea to paint it.


Day 2: I painted the entire board purple. Again, I started thinking this was going to turn out fantastic and my cockiness started shooting back up. The paint went on easy and damn, did it look good.

Then it dried and I wanted to shoot myself.

Day 3: After letting it dry 24 hours, the damn board started warping. So now, the board has hacked up round circles and is concaved from the dried paint. Now my cockiness level has dissipated back to nothing and I figured, I had come this far I might as well finish the project. I mean, it’s just a bunch of kids who are going to be playing it. Highly doubt they will judge my hack job and droopy board.


Then I took on more than I could handle.


Day 4: (yes, this fucking project took me 4 days) I decided to finish the game off, seeing that the party was the next afternoon. I got the brilliant idea to paint a big seashell on it to go with the theme of the party. Hot damn did that seashell turn out fantastic. Literally, the best paint job I have ever done. Cockiness level shot through the damn roof. I continued painting the shell and adding the numbers for the game and it looked so freaking good.


Then I tried to play it.

After pretty much doing everything for this party myself, my head was all over the place and I didn’t bother checking the board before I started painting. Wouldn’t you know I painted shell and numbers UPSIDE DOWN! So here I have this awesomely painted, homemade bean bag toss game that is upside down. I can’t even begin to tell you the disappointment I felt so much so that I was almost in tears. I spent 4 freaking days doing this! All that time wasted I could have been procrastinating party stuff and on Pinterest!


whomp, whomp.


I can guarantee this won’t be my last either…..

Let’s hear about your fails! Don’t make me pin in shame alone :)


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