September 19, 2014

How To: Feng Shui Your Workspace



My husband runs his own company out of our third bedroom and I’ve tried making it feel more like his own space than just a room with a desk and a bed. Problem is, we don’t have a lot of space to work with, so it quickly turns into a catchall room. The poor guy spends 10-12 hours a day in this place and I go in for 5 minutes and I feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed. God knows how he gets anything accomplished. I am a firm believer in if your space is organized, so is your mind. If it’s disorganized then….well, you get the picture. The stresses of owning his own company are taking a toll on him, so while he is away on “business trip” to Croatia having the time of his life, I wanted to surprise him with a revamp of his home office complete with a Feng Shui to his desk.

Feng Shui (feng meaning wind, shui meaning water) is an ancient art and science developed in China thousands of years ago believing in if you balance the energy of a space you will ensure good health and good fortune for the people inhabiting said space. Let me tell you, my husband needs all the good energy he can get, so as a little treat to his good soul (and hopes to avoid a mental breakdown in the near future) we are going to let the positive energy, good health and great fortune flow through his desk. I found a great article on by Emily Shoemaker explaining everything a first timer needs to know about Feng Shui.

Here is a break down of it for the space intended – Each area should have a specific item to create the Feng Shui.


1. Abundance & Posterity.

Place a plant or something valuable like a jar of coins or a crystal vase in the top left corner of the desk. This is supposed to signify wealth. I was going to put a plant, but hadn’t had time to run out to the store, so I opted for the jar of money. My husband would rather stare at money than a plant any day of the week.

2. Fame & Reputation.

Place a red candle, name plate, business cards or a symbol of achievement (like a diploma) in the top center part of the desk. This is supposed to signify who you are in the world in regards to your image and character. I put a red candle behind his monitor.

3. Love & Relationships.

Place a picture of you and your loved one on the top right corner of the desk. If you are single or don’t have a special someone, place a pink or red flower in that spot. This signifies you are inviting relationships in to your world. Framed a nice shot of him and I. :)

4. Family & Community.

Place a picture of your family in the middle, right part of your desk; preferably in a wood frame. This signifies you nourishing your close ties. I found a great wood frame that I had in my collection and put a shot of him and our girls in it. He will be feeling the love for sure!

5. Mind, Body & Spirit.

Center. This area should be clean of dust or clutter. This signifies your health so you want this as clear as you can get it. You can also add a stone or shell to energize the area. Make sure the item is green, natural or gray – I put a small gray stone.

6. Creativity & Children.

Place a book, journal or something that signifies creativity for you in the right, center part of the desk. You can get as creative as you want. I found a book regarding success that is white and placed it there. Make sure the items, whatever it may be, is white, gold, silver or copper.

7. Wisdom & Self-Awareness.

Place a book or reference materials in the lower, left corner of the desk. You can also place a blue candle along with it. This signifies knowledge.

8. Career & Life-Purpose.

Place your computer (or keyboard) front center. This is where you thrive in your career. Select an image of water for you background screen saver to symbolize money. Greens accents exhibit new opportunities and red accents for motivation.

9. Travel & Helpful People.

Place a phone or address book in the left bottom corner. This is to foster your business relationships and aspire your dreams. I am leaving this place open his phone, but you could place current projects, a travel brochure or a picture of a place you want to visit.

You also want to arrange your desk in the commanding position, which is facing the door. Since I am home alone and there is no way I could move this ginormous desk myself and also due to the fact that there is no room to turn it facing the door, it’s staying where it is! But, you typically want to be facing the door so you see who is entering at all times. Like a boss!



the desk in all its feng shui glory


It is not imperative to do everything, you must always consider your space. You want your desk to be free of clutter, so focus on a few main items at first. I had hopes of pretty much doing everything but I didn’t want to clutter up his desk. I stuck with the mains one and will continue on from there.

I am so excited for him to come home and see what I did. Hoping he loves it and doesn’t want to strangle me for invading his space! But, I am the self-proclaimed office manager, so I think it is my job to make sure his space is perfect, right? Right. Now, I do not claim to be a Feng Shui expert, but I can tell you this has really sparked my interest and I have been researching on how to incorporate it in other areas of our home. Life is all about your mindset, so when it’s open, clutter-free and positive, nothing can stand in your way!


Do you Feng Shui? I’d love to hear any advice you have a for a newbie!


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