September 26, 2014

DIY Ball Pit

DIY Ball Pit


This super simple DIY ball pit is great to keep those kids of yours out of your hair for a bit, especially when the weather starts turning cold or rainy! Since summer is long gone (tear :-(), hit the clearance aisle at the stores and pick up an inflatable kiddie pool, about 10 pool noodles and grab your scissor. You can make a quick and painless pool noodle ball pit in less than 15 minutes.

I saw this DIY ball pit idea online somewhere (probably one of my million scrolls through Pinterest) and decided to make one for Baby O’s first birthday party. I wanted to have something for the kids to do if they got too hot outside or if it started to rain. Got to always have a back up plan! Well, it worked out great and we used a mix of old pool noodles we were getting rid of and a bunch from the Dollar Store.


So here is what you’ll need to make your very own Ball Pit:

  • Inflatable Kiddie Pool
  • 10-15 Pool Noodles
  • Scissors
  • Slide (optional)

Just cut 3 inch pieces off the pool noodle, inflate your kiddie pool and toss in the pieces. Your kids will be jumping around in this DIY ball pit and staying out of your hair in no time. Fill it up as much or as little as you’d like and the kids will be occupied for hours. We even popped a slide in for them to use and it was a hit!

Although I miss summer terribly, I am loving all the great summer items that are on the clearance racks! You may be able to make this for practically nothing!

Enjoy the peace and (not-so) quiet!


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