October 30, 2014

The Worst Halloween Treats



So I may be in my 30’s, with two small children, but I make no secret about the way I feel about Halloween. I freaking love this freaky fun holiday and if I could, I would celebrate it multiple times a year instead of just once. I love seeing all the crazy costumes, the adorable kids strutting their stuff, all the hard work some of these parents have done to decorate and create their own costumes and lets not forget about the pumpkins-love me a good jack-o-latern! There is one thing I do absolutely hate about Halloween, and it’s when you walk up to a house, the door swings open and you see a seemingly innocent adult smiling big and then they throw the absolute worst Halloween treats you could ever imagine in your treat bag. You know who I’m talking about – they seem nice with first glance, but then you see what kind of treats they are dishing out, thank them and hang your head in disappointment while high-tailing it to the next house hoping they don’t do the same.

People, kids remember things like this, so if you don’t want to get your house egged or tee-pee’d, I suggest getting the good stuff and not these:

Top 5 Worst Halloween Treats To Get When Trick or Treating



Don’t get me wrong, I love pretzels. But when someone chooses to get pretzels instead of Skittles, they are just choosing their own fate right there.



We get it, candy is bad for your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you have to shove it down kids throats! No kid wants to be reminded of responsibility when they are dressed up like a superhero.


caliraisinIf you want to give fruit out during Halloween, you better make sure it’s covered in chocolate. Sure, raisins are considers natures candy, but seeing you throw those tiny boxes in a kids bag, they will die a little inside.



No. Just no. It’s not Christmas…if you are deciding between mints and something else, always choose the something else.



If you want to hand out money, give them quarters or dollars, not pennies. Plus, small kids eat small, shiny things. Basically you want my kid to choke on a damn penny instead of getting all hocked up on sugar. Use your brain people!

So if you want to salvage your home, landscaping and your self respect, be sure you do not serve the worst Halloween treats to your trick or treaters this year. Your house will be targeting for years to come.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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