November 28, 2014

Shop Black Friday Deals Online

Shop Black Friday Deals Online

Black Friday is one of the most hated days in my family. I just don’t understand the point of people camping out or cutting their Thanksgiving holiday short just to get a good deal on a TV. I get it, you could save hundreds, but is it really worth fighting the horrific crowds or possibly getting trampled to death? No thanks, I’d rather shop Black Friday deals from the comfort of my couch while watching Football or a movie, recovering from my food coma.

Luckily, most stores have already started their Black Friday deals, and you could get them online! So find that cozy spot on your couch and get shopping! Most stores have free shipping available, so really it’s a no brainer to stay in rather than go out! Plus, it really makes me sick that some of these major retailers are opening their doors as early as 6 pm ON Thanksgiving. I have boycotted Black Friday for years now and intend to just say no till the madness stops!

So here are a few stores that are having sick online deals this Black Friday, so grab your lap top, iPad and your cozy blanket and get shopping…online!

1. Macys

2. Kohls

3. Walmart

4. Target

5. Toys R Us

6. Amazon

7. Best Buy

8. JC Penny

9. Sears

10. Dicks Sporting Goods

If you have spotted any other great deals online, please share! Hope everyone who ventures out into the lions den finds great deals and stays safe. For the rest of you shopping from home, ENJOY!


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