December 5, 2014

Frozen Gift Guide

Frozen Gift Guide

Disney’s Frozen is the hottest thing ever and it’s no surprise the world of merchandising has capitalized on this immensely! My girls are constantly asking me for anything Frozen-related. The past couple months, the stores have been adding more and more Frozen merchandise to the shelves and they typically are flying right off! Not surprised at all. So just some friendly advice – if you see something Frozen-related and are contemplating getting it – just get it! More than likely the next time you go back for it, it won’t be there.

To avoid any toy aisle fights, I found some great gifts that can be purchased online or reserved online so you can go pick them up in the store and compiled the ultimate Frozen Gift Guide. Toys R Us really has made life a little easier for all us, haven’t they? You simply choose the store closest to you that carries the item and you go right to the kiosk to pick it up. I have done this quite a few times and it’s great when you just want to avoid any hassle! Any of these items on the Gift Guide would make any Frozen fan ecstatic. There is pretty much anything and everything out there including bikes, tents, sleeping bags, dolls, and board games.

Without further ado, here is The Anti Mom Blog’s Frozen Gift Guide featuring 14 fabulously Frozen gifts:


Disney Frozen Sleeping Bag 

Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace

Frozen Huffy 12-inch Bike

Huffy Disney Frozen 3-wheel Scooter

Disney Frozen Microphone & Amplifier

Frozen Disco Dance Party CD-G Karaoke Machine with Lights

Disney’s Frozen FRS Walkie Talkie Radios

Disney Frozen Spinning Olaf

Disney’s Frozen MP3 Microphone

Disney Frozen Toddler Doll – Anna

Disney Frozen Toddler Doll – Elsa

Disney Frozen Glitter Glider Dolls – Anna, Elsa & Olaf

Olaf’s in Trouble Game

Play Doh Frozen Sparkle Snow Dome

Talk about Frozen overload! My favorites are the Frozen Sleeping Bag, Olaf’s in Trouble Game, and the Walkie Talkie’s. I have a feeling my girls will be getting a few of these this Christmas.

Did I miss any? Let me know if you have found a fabulous Frozen gift that deserves to be on our Frozen Gift Guide! Sharing is caring, folks :)


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