January 12, 2015

5 Hair Must Haves

5 Hair Must Haves

So my hair may start looking like I have strands of tinsel in it, but that is no reason to neglect you locks. Ladies, maintaining our hair should be high on our list of priorities. If you hair is healthy, it will look it’s best, even when it’s not styled. All it takes is the right tools, products and just a little TLC. I wanted to share with you my 5 hair must haves that everyone should have in their hair care arsenal.

Hair Dryer

The right tools will do wonders for you! Investing some good money into a great blow dryer is key. I know what you may be thinking, a dryer is a dryer, but compare a high end blow dryer to a cheapo one, and you will see a crazy big difference. I love the SuperSolano. It features infrared heat gently dries the hair from the inside out and ceramic thermal grill offers consistent heat temperatures. It even has tourmaline for added shine, smoothness of hair, and reduction of fly-aways which is one of my favorite parts! It retails for around $100 and worth every penny! I have had mine for 3 years now and it works great.


The Jilbere de Paris Nano Ceramic Ionic Straightener is the only way to go. I know most people are crazy about the Chi straightener, but after trying many, MANY hair straighteners, this one is by far the best. It has lasted me almost 4 years and still going strong.


Using a smoothening product gives your hair great shine after a blow out and using a straightener. You could either use one before you dry your hair or one for after you style. I have tried both and frankly can’t decide which one I like better, so it is totally a preferential thing.

Toni&Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum works great! Just a tiny dab of it works wonders and leaves your hair super shiny and smooth. The small bottle will last you a long, long time. Had mine since October and I’ve barely made a dent in it!

12 Benefits Healthy Instant Healthy Hair Treatment works fabulous! After showering, simply spray a couple squirts in your hair, brush and blow dry. You hair will be silky smooth!


I freaking love brushes. Weird thing to love, right? But I do. I have about 5 different kinds of brushes, all doing their own job. Barrel brush for styling, paddle brush for brushing, comb for getting those knots out while conditioning..ok, I could go on and on. My newest addition to the collection is EcoTools Styler + Smoother brush. I am loving this newbie – it has a half barrel brush that dries hair 20% faster due to its aerodynamic Eco-Vent design. Quicker drying time means less heat damage and I am all about anything that will cut my drying time in half! Extra bonus – it was one of my fabulous #FrostyVoxBox goodies from Influenster.

Big Sexy Hair Spray

I am really not huge into hair spray but I have been turned on to Big Sexy Hair Spray and I love it. It holds your hair in place but won’t leave your hair stiff and crunchy. They come in different sizes and I have the big bottle and the tiny travel size that I take with me when I go out or have an event. Fits right in your clutch and great for hair emergencies!


Those are my five hair must haves! What hair products can’t you live with out?


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