January 16, 2015

{Date Night} Suri Tapas Bar – Lake Worth

{Date Night} Suri Tapas Bar – Lake Worth


We had the pleasure at dining at Suri Tapas Bar with some friends for our monthly date night a while back. Although it’s been a couple months, we are still reveling in the culinary memories of every bite we had!

Nothing more I love than trying out new restaurants in South Florida, especially ones that are unique and push the culinary envelope. Let me tell you, Suri Tapas Bar took us on a quite the delectable trip. Set on adorable Lake Worth Avenue, Suri Tapas Bar looks like a restaurant that is right out of Manhattan. With both inside and outside dining, you are hit with ultimate sexiness as soon as you walk up to the door.

Let me get to the good stuff: the food. Since this is tapas style, between four of us we ordered a TON of dishes to sample. We of course started out with some cocktails. If I could have tried each and every specialty drink on the menu I would have because they all look amazing. The bartenders are legit mixologists and one of the masterminds behind the menu is co-owner Matt, who helped create the amazing food and kick-ass drinks. We ordered a few cocktails to try, mine was the Suri Strawberry and my friends (who’s cousin is Matt) ordered a drink made with their Nonna’s homemade limoncello. So delicious and presentation of our drinks made them even more awesome.


The food pretty much speaks for itself. You are expecting your typical tapas but they really push the limit on some of these one of a kind creations. We literally wanted to try everything on the menu, but between four people, we’d be gluttens. Instead we asked our kickass server to recommend and recommend she did! Plates just kept coming and coming and we just kept on eating.


This might end up being a novel if I detail every single item we ate, I’ll tell you about them and then go into detail on some of my favorites – although it’s going to be hard to pick! We started with some appetizer-type small plates. Just a heads up, Suri Tapas Bar changes their menu to fit the season. They use local ingredients and keep things fresh which makes this place stand out. We devoured the Suri Seasonal Salad, which has crispy goat cheese medallions, covered in a maple and garlic dressing. Seriously, one of the most delicious dressings I’ve ever tasted. That flavor combo was utterly insane. We also scarfed down the Cured & Sliced, which had a killer spread of meats and cheeses with the perfect accompaniments like honey, fruit, olives and house-made truffle butter.


Moving on to the bigger of the small plates, we indulged a little more with some pastas – my favorite! We had the Beggars Purse’s which were filled with truffle and marscapone cheese, Butternut Squash Raviolis in a sage butter sauce and Mushroom Parpadelle (which is not on the Winter 2015 menu). The pasta was so light and delicious, each dish stood out on it’s own. Then came the Crispy Duck Confit Cigars. If you order anything, you need to order THIS! Served to you in an ashtray plate, these phyllo dough wrapped braised duck come adorned with a horseradish foam. Crispy, succulent and down right out of this world. If we thought the meal couldn’t get any better, our next dish arrived: Desayuno de Campeon (Breakfast of Champions). Braised pork belly atop a blueberry pancake, fried quail egg with tomato & pepper jam. Oh.My.Gah. I am all about breakfast for dinner, but this was just unreal. The pork belly was braised to perfection and so savory and everything complemented each other so well.


To accompany our ridiculously amazing dishes, we ordered up a few sides. The Brussel Sprouts were probably a top contender for me as one of my favorite items to eat. They were crispy, flavorful and it was like you weren’t even eating brussel sprouts. The leaves were like chips covered in parm, truffle oil and they give a sriachi aioli dip to add some punch. And how could we not order some Truffle Parm Fries? Hand cut french fries tossed with white truffle oil, parmesan cheese and fresh scallions.

I know you can’t see it, but there is literally drool dripping onto my keyboard just writing about these dishes! We finished off our meal with one of their specialty desserts – S’mores. The bring out a little fire for you to roast your own marshmallows right at the table. Yeah, that’s how they roll! Presentation definitely does not take a back seat to the flavors, it makes it that much better.


Ok, so maybe I lied when I said I was going to only describe my favorites because pretty much everything was my favorite! But I guess you are just going to have to experience Suri Tapas Bar for yourself and decide.

Between the ambiance, food, drinks and company Suri Tapas Bar is one of our favorite date night hot spots. If only it was a little closer to our house, I think we would be there once a week! To check out the menu for yourself and what events Suri Tapas Bar has going on, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Be sure to follow and keep up to date, you are not going to want to miss out!


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