May 13, 2015

Relaxing at Home with GlamSQUAD & Zeel Massage

Relaxing at Home with GlamSQUAD & Zeel Massage

I know I can’t be the only one who has had days where you wish you didn’t have to leave your house to get things done. A day free of getting in and out of a car and driving from store to store to do what you need to do. While after a long day of work you could just snap your fingers a masseuse would show up on our door step, ready and willing to relieve your achy muscles. You know, while the personal chef was cooking a 5 course dinner for you, a maid is folding all your laundry and your whole house has been rid of toys and sparkling clean from roof to floor. Then maybe after that massage, you would snap twice and be completely glammed out for a night on the town. I mean, it’s a Wednesday after all – what if you had an awesomely fabulous event being thrown in your honor that is hosted by a shirtless Channing Tatum?

OK, so that may just be my crazy fantasy but with Zeel Massage & the GlamSQUAD – you can have this pampered luxury sent right to your home. Instead of snapping your fingers, just click an app. Zeel Massage offers home massages that you schedule straight from your smartphone. Having a long day at work or have hit the gym too hard? Simply jump on the Zeel App (iPhone here & Android here), schedule an appointment (any time from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.) and your massage awaits you!


GlamSQUAD does the same thing except makes you beautiful (get their iPhone app here)! They will come to your home, office, hotel – where ever you need – to do your hair and makeup. Perfect for a night out, wedding or special event. They are based out of New York City, Miami and L.A., so if you are in those cities, download the GlamSQUAD app, schedule your appointment and your specialized squad will be on their way! GlamSQUAD has made it accessible for everyone to get glam and beautiful. Literally my wildest dreams have come true!


I spent the day in one of the many beautiful mansions in Miami while being spoiled with beauty and relaxation. Oasis Collections offers an elite vacation rental service in some of the worlds most incredible locations (Miami being one of them!). Rent luxury homes with the service of a boutique hotel. Each room was designated for a private Zeel massage while the living area was turned into the GlamSQUAD’s playground.


Not only did I get to unwind with a 30 minute massage, after I was transformed into a glamazon by the talented team of stylists from GlamSQUAD Miami.


It truly was an experience The Exhausted Mom & I well deserved!


Be sure to check out Zeel, GlamSQUAD and Oasis Collections to learn more about their fabulous and luxurious services!



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