May 14, 2015

Silverspot Cinema Opening in Coconut Creek

Silverspot Cinema Opening in Coconut Creek


The Promenade of Coconut Creek will be getting a bit more lively with the newest addition of Silverspot Cinema which will be open to the public on Friday May 15, 2015. This will be their 2nd location in sunny Florida and this one just so happens to be right in our backyard – and I couldn’t be more excited.

Silverspot Cinema Coconut Creek

Self-serve Ticketing Kiosks, Marble Concession Counter, Bar & Lounge


I was lucky enough to get a glimpse into the newest & hottest hangout in the Promenade and I was totally blow away by everything Silverspot Cinema has in store for our community. As soon as you pull up to the theater, you get the feeling of old school Hollywood but as you walk through the doors, it’s nothing short of ultra modern. You can start at the full stocked bar (my favorite spot!), lounge or restaurant before you take your seats for the show. If you love your traditional movie theater concessions, walk up to the self-serve kiosks, (counters are decked out with Carrera Marble!) and order up some goodies. Silverspot Cinema is all about the experience whether you are just catching a matinee or having a date night.

Silverspot Cinema Theaters

Hand-stitched Leather Seats, Immaculate Bathrooms, & Modern Decor throughout the theater


With 11 screens and 1,500 hand-stitched leather seats, you will feel like you are watching a movie in the comforts of your own home. That is exactly what CEO, Pancho Schlotterbeck, wanted to create for movie-goers saying, “Silverspot is about creating a no-hassle movie-going experience in a lush, plush environment.” 

Silverspot Cinema is not only making their theaters modern, trendy and comfortable, they are elevating customers experiences to the next level. While showing all the hottest movies out of Hollywood, Silverspot will also be showcasing alternative programming with independent films, award-winning foreign films and exclusive screenings of operas, ballets, and concerts. They will even be hosting mini genre-specific festivals, starting with a Shakespeare event this fall.

Silverspot Cinema LEED

Wind Turbine is just one of the ways Silverspot Cinema is adding to the Promenade’s LEED certified footsteps!


What makes Silverspot Cinema leaps and bounds ahead of the competition is how they are actively trying to achieve LEED certification under the LEED Core and Shell 2009 rating system. They are anticipating to be the very first LEED Certified cinema in Florida. Let me put that in perspective for you – there are only 10 cinemas nationwide with this distinction! From the wind turbine/sculpture that absorbs heat, the Bright White Energy Star rated roof and to the high efficiency florescent and LED lighting through out the theater, they are on their way to achieving this goal!

Coconut Creek was in desperate need of a place like this and we are thrilled that Silverspot Cinema is bringing this level of cinematic experience to the area. Enjoy your favorite concessions, candies and popcorn during your movie or kick it up a notch with a meal and a bottle of wine from their in-house restaurant. It may not be opening for another couple of weeks, but all I can tell you is famed chef and restauranteur David Burke will be the brains behind it!

Silverspot Cinema Coconut Creek

To learn more about Silverspot Cinema’s newest location or to purchase tickets visit their website. Be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for updates, deals and movie info.

Silverspot Cinemas The Promenade at Coconut Creek | 4441 Lyons Road Coconut Creek, FL 33073


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