June 12, 2015

Survive Summer with the Sanewich Survival Kit

Survive Summer with the Sanewich Survival Kit

As of June 3rd, it’s officially summer in our household. (cue the horrified screams from parents)

The feeling of complete and utter insanity has already sunk in as the first week of summer set in. Thoughts of summer camp, pool days and lazy days bounce in my head and the onset of panic joins. How am I going to keep 2 rambuncious kids entertained for 3 months without sending me to the insane asylum? Ok, all my seasoned parents might be thinking I have turned on the dramatics hardcore with this one, but it is our first official summer – I think I have earned the right to go a little overboard!


Sanewich Kit

Thanks to Oscar Mayer, they have given me a Sanewich Survival Kit to help me through the tough days. I have a feeling there will be A LOT of them! But I guess thats what wine is for. So what exactly is a Sanewich Survival Kit you may be wondering? It is a genius way to help us parents keep what ever is left our sanity while keeping our kids somewhat distracted. My goody bag came filled with tools for survival which include delicious Oscar Mayer lunch meats, Kraft Cheese, and bread to make some sammies. Along with the lunch treats came some comfy slippers, Riedel wine glasses, Bose noise canceling headphones, books & a roomie over night bag. You should have seen the look on my face when I opened this Sanewich Survival Kit РI felt a little bit of my sanity already being restored.

Sanewich Survival Kit

So here is what you need to do to get a good 20 minutes of rest and relaxation in while the kids are still awake during those long, long summer days:

1. Distraction. Simply construct a sandwich sanewich using Oscar Mayer lunch meat. They come in easy to open containers and you can choose your families favorite meats like honey turkey or ham. Do what ever you need to do to make these sandwiches appealing to their picky palates. I cut one kids into heart shaped pieces and the other gets triangles.

How To Sanewich

2. Location. Feed them these yummy sandwiches in fun spot, like a picnic in the living room or at the dining room table for a fancy lunch. They’ll feel special and you might even score an extra few minutes of solitude.

Oscar Mayer Sanewich

3. Assume the position. Since kids are distracted with their delicious lunch, it’s you time. Grab a pair of noise canceling head phones, a glass of wine (or lemonade, your call), a book and some comfy slippers. Kick your feet up, get cozy and get your me time in while you have the chance. This will recharge your battery both mentally and physically and get you ready for their after lunch energy spurt.

Simple, right? So head out to the store, stock up on some Oscar Mayer lunch meats and get your sanity back this summer with a Sanewich Survival Kit of your own!

So tell me, how will you #sanewich this summer?


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