June 19, 2015

Courtney Studios ~ South Florida’s Premier Family Photographer

Courtney Studios ~ South Florida’s Premier Family Photographer

I can remember far back to when I was a little tyke rummaging through our family albums in the basement. Looking at all the photos of my mom and dad sans children, all the black and white prints of relatives from back in the day and of course my own baby pictures. I loved seeing all these memories displayed in front of me and envisioning I was there with them. Photos tell the story of our life, captured in that one instance, for us always to remember. I thank my lucky stars that my parents have these memories encapsulated for our family to share and now that I have kids, I intend to the same thing!

I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting a local photographer who values the art of photography all while making lasting memories. Courtney, who is the amazing talent and brains behind Courtney Studios in Hollywood, Florida, is a complete visionary in her art and just meeting her once you will see. Courtney Studios is one of South Florida’s premier photographers that is situated on one of the charming streets of downtown Hollywood. I brought my two girls to meet Courtney and was blown away by the talent that was oozing out of every photo on the wall. She captures the pure essence of her subjects with out all the foo-foo that normally goes along with a photo shoot.

Courtney Studios

Courtney Studios holds true to old school photography beliefs. Don’t think you are going to go, get some photos snapped and then be sent off packing with a disc full of images. Courtney takes the time to edit and create a moment for you that she wants you to understand. After the images from your shoot are edited, you will sit with her and go over each. I didn’t even do that with my wedding photographer! She prides her self and her work as being ‘old school’ and I got nothing but respect for her philosophy.

Not only did our photos come out fantastic, I am still in awe that she got my kids to smile! Now, if any parents out there can relate, the second a camera comes into sight the kids look in different directions, make the craziest faces and some how have drunk eyes (NO my kids don’t drink….drunk eyes are when your eyes are half shut, you’ve had to have at least one taken of you like that in college!). She is a child whisperer & the proof is in those gorgeous smiles!

So get off your buns, give Courtney a call and get your family in for a shoot at Courtney Studios! Let her help you capture some irreplaceable memories and tell the story of your families life.

Courtney Studios

1909 Harrison St. Suite 207 | Hollywood, FL | 954.367.6821

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 Thank you, Courtney, for being amazing & giving our family gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime!


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