June 30, 2015

Heath Bar Crunch Trifle

Heath Bar Crunch Trifle

The Anti Mom Blog family has a slight problem with desserts. We are all addicted to them. Sweet, salty, sugary, chocolatey – you name it, one of us probably will inhale it! So on Father’s Day, it was no surprise that my husband requested a special dessert. One that is only made for such occasions due to the fact that it is full of chocolate and will send us into sugar overload if eaten regularly. Behold the ever indulgent, Heath Bar Crunch Trifle.

(cue the heavenly angels singing in unison)

Heath Bar Trifle Recipe | The Anti Mom Blog

This is so simple to make, but I warn you, the entire thing will be gone, so leftovers aren’t an issue, unless you sneak a dishful to the back of the fridge and hide it behind some broccoli. If you aren’t a heath bar kind of person (IDK who isn’t!) you could absolutely sub in your favorite candy bar or cookie of choice. Hell, you could even add it to the mix to make it THAT much more better.

Heath Bar Crunch Trifle (1)

Heath Bar Crunch Trifle

  • 1 box Devils Food Cake, baked & cut into pieces
  • 1 box Chocolate Pudding
  • 1 container Cool Whip
  • 2 Heath Bars or 1 Bag of Heath Bar Mini’s, crumbled
  • Trifle dish or individual glass bowls

Heath Bar Crunch Trifle Ingredients

Prepare and bake cake. Allow to cool and cut into small pieces.

Prepare pudding as directed on the box. Reserve in saucepan till needed.

Smash Heath Bars into pieces. Make small crumbles, but don’t smash too much. You want some bite-sized pieces thrown in there. I placed all my mini bars into a Ziploc bag and smashed it with a meat tenderizer. It worked great!

Find the perfect dish for your dessert. Trifle bowl, small individual bowls, or a giant martini glass like I had. Now it’s time to construct the Heath Bar Crunch Trifle!

First, layer pieces of the chocolate cake. Next, pour some pudding to cover the chocolate cake. Then top with Heath Bar pieces. Cover with Cool Whip. Repeat till you fill the bowl or you run out of ingredients. Your last layer will be Cool Whip, then garnish with Heath Bar.

Chocolate cake – good! Pudding – good! Heath bar – good! Cool Whip – good! (yes, I am channeling my inner Joey Tribbiani)

No matter who you make this Heath Bar Crunch Trifle for, they will love it. I know a recipe is a good one when my husband licks the bowl clean, and this one definitely did not fail his test!Trifle Recipe

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