August 10, 2015

Fruttare Fruit Bars + Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Fruttare Fruit Bars + Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Enjoying our new pool has been the highlight of the summer for our whole family. Canon balls & jack knifes galore! What better way to enjoy this hot weather than with some frozen fruit bars. Fruttare Fruit Bars are our newest summer obsession. Full of yummy, sustainably farmed fruit, both the kids and adults enjoyed these cool treats.

Fruttare is one of those treats that you will not feel guilty about eating or even giving to your kids. No junks to make them bounce off the walls. (SCORE!) Each Fruttare fruit bar is 60-70 calories with real pieces of fruit chunks right in there. I picked up a few boxes at my local Publix (they are also at Target, Walmart & Winn-Dixie) – they were BOGO! So we tried all the flavors the store had to offer: Black Cherry, Lime, Pina & Mango. Strawberry is also available, but my stores didn’t have them – boohoo!

Since I had a whole gaggle of Fruttare Fruit Bars, I decided to up the ante when we hosted a family BBQ last week. Why not make a yummy cocktail out of these delicious fruit-filled bars. I catered to all age groups present with an alcohol & non-alcohol version and they were a hit!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fruttare Fruit Bar Cocktails | The Anti Mom Blog

Fruttare Prosecco Cocktails 

Simply find your most fabulous glasses & place a Fruttare Fruit Bar in each glass.

Fruttare Prosecco Cocktail | The Anti Mom Blog

Pour prosecco (or some seltzer/Sprite/7-Up, what ever you have) & serve!

It can’t get any easier than that! Be sure to grab a few boxes and try these yummy cocktails for your next BBQ or party. To learn more about these delicious Fruttare Fruit Bars, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Fruttare Prosecco Cocktail | The Anti Mom Blog

Which flavor would you want mixed in your prosecco?


Disclaimer: Samples were provided for review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always!! 

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