October 12, 2015

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Must Have Foods

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Must Have Foods

It is that time of year my friends, the freakin’ Epcot Food and Wine Festival! This has become an annual trip for my husband and I with our friends and we look forward to it all year long. Disney World is already the happiest place on earth, but add some bad ass foods, delicious wines, beers and spirits and it blows it out of the solar system.

There have  been a few trips where I haven’t been able to make it all the way around the world in Epcot. It wasn’t pretty, and throwing up your guts in Morrocco’s fancy bathroom isn’t one of my finest moments. BUT I have learned how to pace myself (which is key!) to make it all the way around the park and wine and dine, Disney style.

This year, they have added some new countries and more delicious noshes. As we roamed our way down the path eating and drinking our way around the world, there are a few dishes that are a must try if you are visiting the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Dominican Republic

Lechón Asado: Roasted pork with mangú, pickled red onion and avocado.

Dominican Republic Pork | The Anti Mom Blog

This was amazing. I have no idea what mangu is, but it is absolutely delicious. Kind of like a mashed potato, but a little darker. The roasted pork is atop the mangu and the juices just drip down. Pile a little bit of the pork, mangu, red onion and avocado on your fork for the most absolute perfect bite. Dominican Republic has been on hiatus since 2007 and I couldn’t be happier that they brought this back. Wash it all down with a cold Presidente and you feel like you are in the islands…even down to the hot, steamy weather! Dominican Republic is in the beginning of the countries, to the right. It’s got it’s own little island that you can listen to some Dominican music, sit down and chill as you eat this delectable sampling.


Grilled Lamb Chop with a mint pesto and topped with potato crunchies.

Australia's Lamb Chop Epcot Food & Wine Festival | The Anti Mom Blog

Grilled to absolute perfection, these lamb chops are salty, juicy and just a tad minty. This might have been our groups favorite. We kept seeing people chowing down on these chops and couldn’t wait to make it around the world to the Australia booth. Get one (or 3) of these, I beg of you! The potato crunchies just make it so much more great.


Chilaquiles de Pollo: Corn chips layered with seasoned chicken, queso fresco, sour cream & cilantro.

Mexico's Chilaquiles de Pollo - Epcot Food and Wine Festival | The Anti Mom Blog

If you like spicy, you are going to love this! Head on over to Mexico for a flight of tequila and a plate of this! My mouth was on fire, but I couldn’t stop eating it. This is a new item that they brought to Mexico and we were all loving it. Just be sure to have a ice cold beer, water or margarita to wash it down because it is muy caliente.

Farm Fresh

Loaded Mac & Cheese topped with Nueske’s pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, peppers and green onions.

Farm Fresh Loaded Mac & Cheese - Epcot Food and Wine Festival | The Anti Mom Blog

This was one of the newest dishes & booths that were debuting at this years Epcot Food and Wine Festival. It is located right when you walk into the loop of countries, to the left. You can’t miss it! I kept reading reviews about it and wouldn’t stop bugging our crew to find this booth so I could try it for myself. Of course it was one of the last booths we hit, but it was well worth the wait! Creamy, mac and cheese topped with even more cheese, a ton of pepper bacon, green onions and peppers. My only gripe about this one was the amount of green onions. If you aren’t a fan of them, be sure to order yours without.


Bejing Roasted Duck Steamed Bun

China - Bejing Roasted Duck Steamed Bun | The Anti Mom Blog

Skip the potstickers and get this! The soft, sticky, steamed bun is filled with perfectly roasted duck, smothered in just the right amount of hoisin. Topped with sweet onions, this simply delicious sweet bun was a big winner in the group. We moaned and groaned with delight as we all inhaled this bad boy. Only complaint is that we didn’t get 2 more orders.


Crispy Pork Belly with black beans & Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread)

Brazil Pork Belly and Cheese Bread | The Anti Mom Blog

Situated right near France, Brazil booth was full of utterly delicious samplings and drinks. The real winner though was the crispy pork belly with black beans and tomatoes. Talk about melt in your mouth, porky goodness! We loved this so much, at the end of the night, we went back for seconds….and actually got 4th’s of the Pao de Queijo. If you have never had this Brazilian cheese bread, you have not lived. Little puffs breads with a cheesy dough. I can’t even describe just how amazing these are, you will just have to experience it for yourself!


Tuna Poke with Seaweed Salad

Hawaii Tuna Poke with seaweed salad | The Anti Mom Blog

This isn’t a new booth or dish but it definitely needs a shout out. I always look forward to hitting up the Hawaii booth for two reasons: the Tuna Poke and Kona beer. It typically is our first booth of the day, being that it is in the beginning of the countries. We usually get there right when the park opens and get first dibs at the tuna. It’s cold, refreshing and has such awesome taste. It is marinated in a delicious sauce and served atop seaweed salad and a root crisp. I am not a fan of raw food in 90 degree weather, so my advice is getting this tuna poke as soon as you get there. With that being said, do not leave Hawaii without trying their Kona Wave Ale. I am not a beer drinker at all, but this is our favorite brewski at the whole fest. Get it before they run out!

How delish do those look? If you have never experienced the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, plan a trip! It is totally worth the boozy (albeit expensive!) stroll around Epcot to taste all these wonderfully delicious goodies. You may even find places you have never been too in the happiest place on Earth!

Now I want to hear from you! For all my fellow Epcot Food and Wine Festival fanatics, which booths were your absolute favorites? Planning round two as we speak…. 😀


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