April 29, 2016

The Best Gift Idea For Kids From ForeverStrong Apparel

The Best Gift Idea For Kids From ForeverStrong Apparel

When it comes to getting kid gifts, let’s face it, thinking about receiving AND buying toys will give you anxiety. Just the thought of adding to the already mountains of toy clutter makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail. A little dramatic, yes, but none the less true. So, to avoid said gouging, I am always looking for cute, non-toy alternative gift idea for kids and their little buddies and I think we hit the jackpot with these adorable BFF shirts for kids from ForeverStrong Apparel.

BFF Shirts For Kids

These make me so nostalgic to when I was a kid and my best friend and I would exchange friendship necklaces – She’d take the BE FRI half and I’d gladly take ST ENDS. Next to homemade bracelets, those were the epitome of friendship. My little ones love jewelry but we end up losing necklaces very quickly. These shirts scream BFF4L with out the hassle of worrying if/when your girlie will lose it.

They are not just for best friends – grab a set for your kids! Everyone’s first real best friend always happens to be their sibling, even if they don’t act like it 98% of the time. I am kinda obsessed with these, so much so I want a set for myself! Too much?! Too old?! Never.

ForeverStrong Apparel makes some adorable kid shirts as well as some badass tanks for fitness moms or wannabe fitness moms, like me! This one might be my fave. Because let’s face it, donuts DO happen! So does cake, ice cream, cookies, sour patch kids…le sigh.

Be sure to check out ForeverStrong Apparel store and follow them on Facebook & Instagram to see all their goodies-but be warned you may become obsessed, too! If you have an original idea, hit up Laura (the awesome store owner) and she will work with you to customize!

Are you a non-toy giver? Tell me your best gift idea for kids!


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