5 Things I Learned While At Disney World

We spent the toddler’s 3rd birthday in the most magical place on earth – Disney World. The kids love it, we love and it is only 3 hours away so why the hell not, right? Well, as we were herding through the crowds of Magic Kingdom, I couldn’t help but people watch and observe all things grand. And by grand I mean crazy. I was shocked, awed, disturbed, surprised and entertained all at the same time. When we were driving home, I couldn’t help but think about everything I saw while in the most magical place on earth.

- That the bare mid-drift fashion phase is starting younger than I would like it to. Way too many kids and tweens wearing short ass shorts and cropped tops. My dad would have slapped me if I wore anything remotely similar to that at that young of age. I literally saw way too much belly button and way too many ass cheeks than I would have ever liked to in one day! And I’m pretty sure you could have been arrested for even looking in that direction because these kids were too damn young!

- That Teva’s are apparently back in style. I remember begging my parents to get me a pair of Teva’s, you know these bad boys:

teva's + white socks = hotttt

teva’s + white socks = hotttt

They never bought me the real kind, only the cheap knock off brand. But I loved them and was very happy that they stayed in 1995…or so I thought. I saw multiple adults and children rockin’ the Teva’s again. Some were even sporting a nice pair of white socks with them. Guess they are trying to resurrect that style and for that I say DON’T.DO.IT!

no bueno

no bueno

- That matching family Mickey Mouse t-shirts should be left to children only. I felt those poor dad’s pain as they sported the “Dad” embroidered mickey ears. Theoretically, it’s a cute idea but lets just keep the matching attire to the kids. Please and thank you.

- That paying the extra money to stay at a Disney resort is worth every.single.penny. We made the mistake of staying at a non-Disney resort (by Downtown Disney) and to get to and from the park was over an hour ordeal. We’d take a bus to a ticketing center and from there either take another bus or hop on the monorail to get to the desired park. It might not seem that annoying but when there are 4,000 other people trying to do the same thing plus 2 kids under 3, a stroller, diaper bag, and cooler – it was a pain in the ass! We would have paid anything to make our lives easier.


Clearly I had some down time while the 8 month old napped and my husband and 3 year old went on rides.

- Amanda

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Brunching at Bonefish Grill

We are fancy. We like to brunch on occasion with the family. Believe it or not, mimosa’s are one of my favorite libations. Shocker, I know. So when I heard Bonefish Grill was now open for Sunday brunch, we had to try it out for ourselves.


We typically go to Bonefish Grill for dinner and anyone who has been there knows the fantastic quality of their food so my expectations were pretty high for their brunch selection. We headed out to Bonefish Grill a few Sunday’s ago-(brunch is only offered on Sunday’s) at their Coral Springs location. Not only was their staff extremely welcoming to our party (2 kids included) but menu full of variety, they still offered their traditional items like grilled fish, sandwiches, burgers, chops – even Bang Bang Shrimp tacos. What caught our eye was their Endless Bubbles Brunch – clearly they had me at endless! For $19.90 you choose one of their 6 specialty omelets, Brunch Favorite or 4 Eggs Benedict options and you are showered with endless bellini’s or mimosa’s. Obviously the drinks are my favorite part about brunch, I’m a sucker for champagne.

oh the decisions!

oh the decisions!

If bellini’s or mimosa’s aren’t up your ally, Bonefish Grill does not disappoint with the options of brunch cocktails. Try  a House-made Bloody Mary, Georgia Peach Martini, Classic Sidecar with Mango Twist, or a Raspberry Vodka Collins. For you non-brunch-drinkers, they have a house-made Lemonade and Fresh Blackberry Smash with fresh blackberries, coconut water and mint.

I know you are all DYING to hear what we had to eat and I recommend EVERY single thing that we had. Yes, I sampled a bit of everyone’s meal – I had to try it all for myself – what kind of reviewer would I be if I didn’t?


We started the meal off with some bellini’s, mimosa’s, bloody mary’s and Bang Bang Shrimp. If you have never had Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp, you need to go there just for that. Lightly fried shrimp smothered in a spicy cream sauce. I can’t even think about them with out drooling. They were a perfect way to start the afternoon of indulgence.


bang bang!

Moving on to the meals…here is what we all indulged on:

Surf n Turf Eggs Benedict



Delicious filet mignon pieces and succulent lobster claw meat accent the perfectly poached egg. Drooling just thinking about it. You get a side dish as well, choice of au gratin potatoes or fresh fruit. Clearly a no brainer as to what I chose. I could eat au gratin potatoes all day, every day.

Kobe Burger



This was the messiest burger I’ve ever seen someone eat that at one point my husband busted out a fork and knife to eat the rest! Tender Kobe beef topped with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions all atop a fresh brioche bun.



Creme Brulee French Toast



Probably one of the best things I’ve had in a long time. Thick pieces of bread battered in a Grand Marnier and orange zest, topped with fresh berries and freshly made whipped cream. Ah-mazing. This one won best dish of the table.

Traditional Eggs Benedict

You can’t go wrong with the original. Delicious and the Hollandaise sauce is so creamy!

As always, Bonefish Grill did not disappoint. We had such a great afternoon indulging in some delicously fresh brunch foods and those endless mimosa’s got me tip-sy! Great spot for an outing with the girls or with the whole family. Bonefish has a great kiddie menu for the little ones too.

she loved her pasta

she loved her pasta

- Amanda

A New Shade of Keurig + Giveaway! #JustBrewIt

Keurig has gone and done it again by making the greatest single serve coffee machine even more amazing: adding color. Keurig K45 Elite Brewer now comes in 3 new, fabulous colors: Rhubarb, Patriot Blue and Coconut White.

The Keurig K45 Elite brews tea, hot cocoa, coffee and even iced beverages in less than a minute by simply touching a button. Even someone who has no idea how to make coffee (like myself) can brew a damn good cup! I received the Keurig K45 Elite in Coconut White a few weeks ago and I am in love!

gorgeous coconut white

The machine itself is so sleek and for lack of a better word, just so damn pretty. The color really adds a nice pop to my counter top and from heat up time to brewing, its less than 2 minutes. It brews three different sized cups for the perfect amount every, single time (6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz). You can even remove the drip tray to fit you favorite larger travel mugs when you are on the go. The 48 oz. water reserve even has a charcoal water filter, which makes your beverage taste that much better.

For the iced beverages, be sure to buy the K-Cups that have the brew over ice emblem on it. To save some dough, I would suggest purchasing a pack of reusable My K-Cups, like this one.

love these My K-Cups

We have a couple so my husband can buy his favorite Dunkin Donuts ground roast in bulk because we were going through those K-Cups like crazy!

If you are in the market for a new brewer, you can’t beat the Elite for just $119.99 MSRP.

But I have some fun news for all you AntiMomBlog’s readers! What if I told you that you could win this Keurig K65 Special Edition Brewer? OH YEAAA! Someone will win this bad boy:

With an LCD display that allows you to choose water temperature, digital clock and auto ON/OFF, this special edition Keurig will make brewing the perfect cup that much better! Here is what you have to do:

#JustBrewIt Keurig Special Edition Giveaway

  • Mandatory entry: Comment with your favorite brewed drink – ie: Iced caramel coffee, green chai tea, hot chocolate – whatever you like, I want to hear! (2 entries)
  • Follow @Keurig & @AntiMomBlog on Twitter and comment stating you did. If you already follow, please state so in a comment and you will still be entered. (2 entries)
  • Tweet about the giveaway using #JustBrewIt and this link:  http://wp.me/p1Ts3L-Vm (2 entries)
  • Like Keurig & AntiMomBlog on Facebook and comment stating you did. If you already follow, please state so in a comment and you will still be entered. (2 entries)
  • Share the giveaway on Facebook to your friends and use #JustBrewIt in the title (2 entries)

The #JustBrewIt Giveaway will start today April 14, 2014 and end Monday April 21, 2014. I will announce the winner on Tuesday 4/21/14 so be sure enter today!

Thanks to Keurig for this awesome giveaway!

- Amanda



Disclaimer: I was provided a sample Keurig K45 Elite Brewer in exchange for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions are my own as always.