My sugar sabbatical for 40 days is slowly coming to an end. I can’t even tell you how slowly slowly is going.  I’m dying! My will power is getting the best of me. The cravings are getting worse and worse. BLEH!! I try to keep my mind off the sugar, I consume fruit to suppress the unbearable cravings.

But then I look in my pantry

least its on the top shelf...

and all I want to do is eat a fucking piece of candy!!!!!!

I’ve lasted through birthday parties with tons of cookies, rice krispies treats, Twizzlers, cake pops and mounds of chocolate. I’ve lasted through stressful nights where wine just won’t cut it, only the deliciousness of a box of Sweet Tarts can help my sanity. Will I make it over the next 12 days? Or will the tempting calls of the sweet and indulgence chocolate, candy and ice cream win?

12 days. 280 hours. 17,280 long, sugarless minutes left to find out.

- Amanda

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Food Truck Party

I know I’m tardy for the food truck party, but holy shit! Didn’t realize I was missing out on some really good eats!

I have always wanted to hit up these infamous mobile restaurants but something would always come up to deter me. I vowed the next time a food truck opportunity would arise, I would leap at the chance to see what all the fuss was about. So a few weeks ago, my friends at Capitol Lighting were having an event and 3 local South Florida food trucks were on hand with some tasty bites. Of course I had to pick up one of my husbands best friends from the airport who was surprising him for his birthday.

Sad face.

The gods must have been on my side that day. His friend was starved and wanted food…what better place to take him than the food trucks! Hollllaaa.


genes joint & 4 alarm

Now the hard part…which to choose! On deck was Stocked N’ Loaded, specializing in gourmet, Gene’s Joint, a deli on wheels, and 4 Alarm Pizza, the only fire truck-slash-mobile pizza oven! If it was up to me, I would have sampled all 3, but I didn’t want to look like a pig so had to make a big decision. We went with Stocked N’ Loaded and it did not disappoint!

i'll have all please.

The pulled pork sliders were calling my name…..yum. My buddy got the Cuban and we both were done in 2.2 seconds.

pulled pork sliders. drool.

I got to say, my first food truck experience was a success! I keep scouring Twitter and Facebook to see where I can hunt down some more food truck events..I’ve officially jumped on the food truck bandwagon.

Do you follow food trucks?

- Amanda