New Bubble Guppies Episodes & Products!

Hey fellow Guppy Lovers! Finally some new episodes of Bubble Guppies will air this week, starting TODAY (3-11-13)! At 11 a.m. EST, Nick Jr. will air “Only the Sphinx Nose!” and Wednesday (3-13-13) “Sir Nonny the Nice!”. Can’t wait to see and hear the new songs and adventures our fave guppies will be doing! If you miss them, They will be reruns Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. So set your DVR’s parents!!

Now on to the products! We have been waiting for more options and Nick has delivered. If you go to the Bubble Guppies website over at, they have some adorable items like magnets, t-shirts and toys that your little guppies would absolutely love. They even have a t-shirt for adults. Is it bad that I’m totally contemplating getting this one:



Also, keep looking over at, they have some great items too! And don’t forget…..some talented people out there make some really great one-of-a-kinda outfits and items that are perfect for gifts, birthdays or any day of the week for a guppy lover!

- Amanda

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