Easy Labor Day Recipes

It’s Labor Day Weekend, bitches! There’s nothing like celebrating the working man with a party, great food and lots of drinks. If you are looking for some easy recipes for this holiday weekend, check out some of my faves. They...
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Date Night: Max’s Harvest Delray Beach, FL

If you are in desperate need a date night, head to Max’s Harvest, off Atlantic Ave in Delray. This was one of the greatest meals we’ve had out in a long, long time! This laid back, chic restaurant prides itself...
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End of Summer Trends For Kids

Last month The Exhausted┬áMom Alexis and I made our television debut to showcase some awesome summer trends on South Florida’s NBC 6 in The Mix with Roxanne Vargas. It was a freaking blast being on live T.V. and with all...
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Do’s & Don’ts for Back to School: 2014-15 Edition

My baby started preschool yesterday! Cue the heavenly music now. Probably not the kind of reaction you are guessing as my first born is off to school but I am! My husband, on the other hand, is a basket case...
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How To: Clean Your Dishwasher

This week’s ‘How To’ feature is all about the guy who does the brunt of our kitchen duty: The Dishwasher. I never really gave much concern to this appliance until my kitchen started to smell a little funky. I would...
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9 Reasons Why You Must Go To Los Angeles

  If you are looking for a freaking awesome weekend getaway, I’ve got one place that you need to visit. The fabulous, unique and one of the most absolute beautiful┬áplaces you’ll ever step foot: Los Angeles. My husband and I...
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Coffee Is My Kryptonite

Coffee: That steamy, percolated, caffeine packed goodness that everyone and their mother starts their days with. Everyone, that is, except me. I may seem like the only adult in the world who doesn’t drink coffee. People often scratch their head...
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