Brunching at Bonefish Grill

We are fancy. We like to brunch on occasion with the family. Believe it or not, mimosa’s are one of my favorite libations. Shocker, I know. So when I heard Bonefish Grill was now open for Sunday brunch, we had to try it out for ourselves.


We typically go to Bonefish Grill for dinner and anyone who has been there knows the fantastic quality of their food so my expectations were pretty high for their brunch selection. We headed out to Bonefish Grill a few Sunday’s ago-(brunch is only offered on Sunday’s) at their Coral Springs location. Not only was their staff extremely welcoming to our party (2 kids included) but menu full of variety, they still offered their traditional items like grilled fish, sandwiches, burgers, chops – even Bang Bang Shrimp tacos. What caught our eye was their Endless Bubbles Brunch – clearly they had me at endless! For $19.90 you choose one of their 6 specialty omelets, Brunch Favorite or 4 Eggs Benedict options and you are showered with endless bellini’s or mimosa’s. Obviously the drinks are my favorite part about brunch, I’m a sucker for champagne.

oh the decisions!

oh the decisions!

If bellini’s or mimosa’s aren’t up your ally, Bonefish Grill does not disappoint with the options of brunch cocktails. Try  a House-made Bloody Mary, Georgia Peach Martini, Classic Sidecar with Mango Twist, or a Raspberry Vodka Collins. For you non-brunch-drinkers, they have a house-made Lemonade and Fresh Blackberry Smash with fresh blackberries, coconut water and mint.

I know you are all DYING to hear what we had to eat and I recommend EVERY single thing that we had. Yes, I sampled a bit of everyone’s meal – I had to try it all for myself – what kind of reviewer would I be if I didn’t?


We started the meal off with some bellini’s, mimosa’s, bloody mary’s and Bang Bang Shrimp. If you have never had Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp, you need to go there just for that. Lightly fried shrimp smothered in a spicy cream sauce. I can’t even think about them with out drooling. They were a perfect way to start the afternoon of indulgence.


bang bang!

Moving on to the meals…here is what we all indulged on:

Surf n Turf Eggs Benedict



Delicious filet mignon pieces and succulent lobster claw meat accent the perfectly poached egg. Drooling just thinking about it. You get a side dish as well, choice of au gratin potatoes or fresh fruit. Clearly a no brainer as to what I chose. I could eat au gratin potatoes all day, every day.

Kobe Burger



This was the messiest burger I’ve ever seen someone eat that at one point my husband busted out a fork and knife to eat the rest! Tender Kobe beef topped with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions all atop a fresh brioche bun.



Creme Brulee French Toast



Probably one of the best things I’ve had in a long time. Thick pieces of bread battered in a Grand Marnier and orange zest, topped with fresh berries and freshly made whipped cream. Ah-mazing. This one won best dish of the table.

Traditional Eggs Benedict

You can’t go wrong with the original. Delicious and the Hollandaise sauce is so creamy!

As always, Bonefish Grill did not disappoint. We had such a great afternoon indulging in some delicously fresh brunch foods and those endless mimosa’s got me tip-sy! Great spot for an outing with the girls or with the whole family. Bonefish has a great kiddie menu for the little ones too.

she loved her pasta

she loved her pasta

- Amanda

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A New Shade of Keurig + Giveaway! #JustBrewIt

Keurig has gone and done it again by making the greatest single serve coffee machine even more amazing: adding color. Keurig K45 Elite Brewer now comes in 3 new, fabulous colors: Rhubarb, Patriot Blue and Coconut White.

The Keurig K45 Elite brews tea, hot cocoa, coffee and even iced beverages in less than a minute by simply touching a button. Even someone who has no idea how to make coffee (like myself) can brew a damn good cup! I received the Keurig K45 Elite in Coconut White a few weeks ago and I am in love!

gorgeous coconut white

The machine itself is so sleek and for lack of a better word, just so damn pretty. The color really adds a nice pop to my counter top and from heat up time to brewing, its less than 2 minutes. It brews three different sized cups for the perfect amount every, single time (6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz). You can even remove the drip tray to fit you favorite larger travel mugs when you are on the go. The 48 oz. water reserve even has a charcoal water filter, which makes your beverage taste that much better.

For the iced beverages, be sure to buy the K-Cups that have the brew over ice emblem on it. To save some dough, I would suggest purchasing a pack of reusable My K-Cups, like this one.

love these My K-Cups

We have a couple so my husband can buy his favorite Dunkin Donuts ground roast in bulk because we were going through those K-Cups like crazy!

If you are in the market for a new brewer, you can’t beat the Elite for just $119.99 MSRP.

But I have some fun news for all you AntiMomBlog’s readers! What if I told you that you could win this Keurig K65 Special Edition Brewer? OH YEAAA! Someone will win this bad boy:

With an LCD display that allows you to choose water temperature, digital clock and auto ON/OFF, this special edition Keurig will make brewing the perfect cup that much better! Here is what you have to do:

#JustBrewIt Keurig Special Edition Giveaway

  • Mandatory entry: Comment with your favorite brewed drink – ie: Iced caramel coffee, green chai tea, hot chocolate – whatever you like, I want to hear! (2 entries)
  • Follow @Keurig & @AntiMomBlog on Twitter and comment stating you did. If you already follow, please state so in a comment and you will still be entered. (2 entries)
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The #JustBrewIt Giveaway will start today April 14, 2014 and end Monday April 21, 2014. I will announce the winner on Tuesday 4/21/14 so be sure enter today!

Thanks to Keurig for this awesome giveaway!

- Amanda



Disclaimer: I was provided a sample Keurig K45 Elite Brewer in exchange for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions are my own as always.

Meatless Friday’s are Back! 5 Great Meatless Meals For Lent

Lent is back and that means our Meatless Friday’s edition is too. We have an ongoing joke in our family about how my husband claims to “hate” Lent. He was born and raised Jewish so he didn’t have to stick to the no meat rule on Friday’s or giving up something for 40 days. Since we started dating both our birthdays usually fall around or during Lent. I typically give up all sweets and for some reason this bothers the crap out of him that I don’t eat birthday cake or any sweets used to celebrate our birthdays. Anywho, he hates it and I think its hysterical to torture him for these 40 days! mwaahaha

So back to the food. I love the challenge of making a meal without meat and trying to come up with a satisfying dish that won’t have us digging through the fridge or pantry an hour later.

Here are 5 of my favorite meatless dishes that will keep your belly full during Lent or if you just need a break from meat.

Cilantro Tuna Salad - Mayo-less!


easy, delicious and mayo-less!

Spinach Flat Bread Pizza



Easy Lo Mein

easiest lo mein evaaah!

easiest lo mein evaaah!

Fettuccine Alfredo

eeyyy ohhh ohh eyyyy passstaaaahh

creamy and deliciously sinful

Crab Cake Sandwich

crab cake sammie w/ side fries por favor

one of my all time faves

- Amanda

The Greatest Olympic Movies Of All Time

I love Olympic years-2 full weeks of great competition events that we never get to see normally. I mean how great is luging. So what better way to celebrate the first week of the 2014 Winter Olympics than with the top 5 greatest Winter Olympic movies ever made. Some of you may agree, some of you may think I’m smoking crack for thinking any of these movies are the greatest, but deep down – even if you don’t want to admit it – you know I’m right.

5. Mighty Ducks 2

Although it was the Junior Goodwill Games and not the Olympics, you can’t help but love Gordon Bombay, a young Pacey Witter and the rest of the misfit Ducks as the rep the U.S of A in the flying V. Quack…Quack..Quack…Quack..

4. Miracle

This inspirational movie is based on the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team and how the US underdogs go on to beat the Soviets to win gold. Who doesn’t love a great comeback story..especially one starring Kurt Russell.

3. Blades of Glory

When striped of their medals, an unlikely pairs team was born…the pairs team of McCleroy and Michaels: First men’s ice skating pairs team. Classic Will Ferrell hilarity along with a great cast and dumb story line make this movie awesome.

2. Cutting Edge

Toe Pick! The absolute greatest ice skating movie ever to grace the silver screen. If you haven’t seen it, I honestly don’t know what rock you have been hiding for the past 20 years. This movie would make me think I could be an ice skater one day (yes, I’m delusional) and just thinking about it makes me wonder what the hell happened to D.B. Sweeny??

1. Cool Runnings

My all time favorite Olympic movie that is based on the true story of the first Jamaican Bobsled team to go to the Olympics. Feel de rhythm Feel de rhyme, get on up eeets bobsled time – COOL RUNNINGS!

What’s your favorite?

- Amanda

Balsamic Glazed Baby Portobellos

We have finally been going out on date nights and a few weeks we hit up Trulucks for their all you can eat stone crabs. I was quite disappointed in my final total, but marveled at our friends who took down 23 legs a piece. Believe it or not, one of the most delicious things about that meal was one of the side dishes…balsamic glazed baby bellos. Drooling just thinking about them. My husband and I were talking about them for days when we both agreed we could totally make them ourselves.

Challenge accepted.



Better-Than-Trulucks Balsamic Glazed Baby Portobello Mushrooms

  • 1 carton Baby Portobello Mushrooms
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, grated or minced
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 3 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
  • 2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • Parsley for garnish
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Clean the mushrooms with a wet paper towel. Either slice them or cut them in chunks – totally your call. I mix it up and do a little of both.

Over medium heat, put olive oil in a medium/large saute pan. Add garlic and saute for about 30 seconds, til fragrant. Add mushrooms, butter, and a little salt and pepper at this time. Mix together so the butter melts nicely and cook for about 10-15 minutes.

Next add soy sauce and balsamic and reduce. Garnish with some parsley and serve!

It’s sweet, its got a little tang and they are freaking delicious.

- Amanda

Planet Fitness Popping Up All Over South Florida! + GIVEAWAY!

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials and know what Planet Fitness is…you know, the ‘Lunk-Free Zone’ to work out? (If you haven’t check this out!)

Well, lucky for us South Floridians, Planet Fitness gyms (primarily in the northeast) are now popping up around our palm tree-clad cities. I was invited to a blogger event to check out the brand spankin’ new Planet Fitness in Pembroke Pines. Now, let me ask you this a few questions – raise your hand if you have felt like you sold your soul to the devil when you signed up for a gym membership? **Hand raises in the air** Or if you have to see a bunch of muscly armed, skinny legged men grunting, moaning and/or throwing weights down as if they just conquered Spain at your gym? **Hand still in the air** Or if the women who “workout” (and by workout I mean talk/text/socialize) at your gym come dressed in what you can only describe as undergarments, full makeup and hair done? **Arm getting tired**

photo 1

I have good news for anyone who answered yes or has a numb arm from being raised so long. Planet Fitness takes the annoyance out of the everyday gym and caters to making your gym experience a comfortable, no-nonsense experience that – here’s the kicker – is affordable! One low monthly rate (for as low as $10/month), no hidden fees or charges and they don’t skimp on the amenities those chain, corporate ones charge you your first unborn child for. So you are probably asking, “But why Planet Fitness?” Sure there are plenty other gyms out there that imitate but they just don’t compare to what Planet Fitness does for its members. Here are 10 reasons why Planet Fitness should be the next gym you join:

  1. No Lunks. Lunks are those muscly, crazy gym people that you usually see hogging the weights and staring at their muscles in the mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, if I worked just as hard as they did I’d probably stare at myself too, but the last thing most people want to see when they are trying to press 10 lbs. is a person pressing 80, throwing it down and screaming like they just moved a mountain. It can be discouraging just as much as some people think it’s motivating. If you see any of this type of behavior at Planet Fitness, simply go to the front desk and they will sound the ‘Lunk Alarm’. And yes, there really is a ‘Lunk Alarm’ in the gym.

    photo 2

    sound the lunk alarm

  2. Free Training. If you are looking to get in shape but don’t know where to start, Planet Fitness offers complimentary training from one of their qualified trainers. Crazy right? Those other gyms charge out of the ass for just one session but at Planet Fitness simply sign up for an hour session whenever you’d like. Although some sessions might not be private, so many people under use this awesome amenity that you will most likely get a private training session every time.
  3. The PF Express 30-minute Workout. If you don’t have time for a long workout, don’t worry-hop in to Planet Fitness’ 30-minute Workout room and get a total body workout in just 30 minutes. Equipped with everything you would need for a circuit training session, you simply obey the traffic light and every minute go from one station to the next until you have completed your workout. You have 30 seconds between every red light to get set up at the next machine.  We did this while at the event, and let me tell you, Best.Idea.Ever!

    photo 3

    get in, get out, get fit

  4. Member Appreciation Days. Every month, Planet Fitness has a member appreciation day. They provide bagels, so get there first thing in the morning and enjoy some breakfast before (or after) your workout! A gym that encourages you to eat, hells yeah!
  5. Low membership fees. I know I said this before but $10/month or $20/month for their black card status is a freaking deal and a half. It’s affordable for families and there are no hidden fees or cancellation charges.
  6. Black Card Membership. This is just $10 more a month (totaling $20) and check out what you get with it: Use of tanning, hydromassages, unlimited use of massage chairs, guest passes, t-shirt, key chain and unlimited training. Totally worth it!
  7. No Limit Cardio. Don’t you hate it when you are given a limit on cardio machines? When I was training for a ½ marathon, sometimes I needed to run longer than 30 minutes as allotted by my ex-gym and they enforced that rule, especially during the busy times. No limits here! Planet Fitness stocks their gyms with more than enough treadmills, ellipticals, and bike machines. No more looking over your shoulder to see someone breathing down your neck to finish while you are running.

    photo 4

    rows and rows of cardio

  8. Private ab room. When you are done your workout end it in the ab room! They have everything you need to get that six pack all in one space.

    photo 3

    get that six pack

  9. Hydromassage. If you haven’t experienced this, I highly suggest you go now and try this. For a small fee you can use this whenever you’d like. It’s a massage bed that shoots air up and down your sore, tired muscles and it’s the craziest experience ever and it’s just awesome. Especially after a tough workout.

    photo 4

    laying on the hydromassage…great massage, horrific pic

  10. Judgement-Free Zone. The philosophy Planet Fitness follows really transforms what everyone thinks a gym is. They don’t care how long you run on the treadmill, they don’t care if you can’t life more than a 2 lb. dumbbell, and they don’t care if you have no clue how to use a machine. What they care about is that you are there, bettering yourself and enjoying the process. Lets face it, if you don’t enjoy where you workout, chances are you won’t come back. Planet Fitness made its gyms comfortable, easy to use and help accessible to everyone of all shapes and sizes. For this is what makes them stand leaps and bounds above the rest.

    photo 1

    no judgement…no critics…all results

If that list doesn’t motivate you to get to a Planet Fitness and join, I don’t know what will. Talking with the owner, Scott, I asked him when more will be built, for us Broward County folks. He assured me that with in the year, Broward County will be getting some. Yay! For now, there are 6 locations in Miami-Dade & South Broward Counties. But first, enter my awesome Planet Fitness 1-year Black Card Membership Giveaway! Yah you heard me! One lucky reader will receive a 1-year, Black Card Membership from Planet Fitness. Simply follow these requirements and you will be entered for a chance to receive 1-year free at a location near you.

1 – Follow Planet Fitness on Facebook & Twitter: comment below telling me you did and get 2 entries!

2 – Follow AntiMomBlog on Facebook & Twitter: comment below telling me you did and get 2 entries (still get 2 entries if you already are, just state in comment!)

3 – Share! Tweet about the giveaway using #PlanetFitnessMIA : comment below telling me you did and get 1 entry! example tweet: Enter to #win a 1 yr black card membership @PlanetFitness over at @AntiMomBlog today! #PlanetFitnessMIA #giveaway

4 – Share on Facebook! Share the giveaway link with your Facebook friends: comment below telling me you did and get 1 entry!

The giveaway will last one week and close February 13, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. I will announce the winner on February 14, 2014.

Thank you to Planet Fitness for this incredible giveaway opportunity and be sure to tell everyone about this! You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of joining Planet Fitness!

- Amanda

Disclaimer: I was provided a free membership in return for a review and a free membership for a giveaway. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Lift, Tone, Burn with Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale!

Motivation to get back in shape after baby #2 has been terribly hard for me. The little free time I have is usually dedicated to showering, cleaning or sitting on my sagging rear end. So needless to say, days where I can hit the gym are few and far between. When I was approached to attend a blogger fitness class in the Union Planters Plaza in Ft. Lauderdale, I thought maybe this would be the wake up call my tired ass needed.

Enter Pure Barre (aka my newest obsession).



I have heard about Barre classes for years, just never knew exactly what it was until the other day. Basically Pure Barre is a total body workout that utilizes the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements, which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques. You are literally using every, and I mean EVERY muscle you never knew you had! We visited  Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale, which is corporately owned and opened this past October. Let me tell you something – I was in pain with in the first 3 minutes. My muscles in my legs and abs were shaking and I was fighting back the urge to give up but the motivation of our instructor pushed me through. The class is 55 minutes and began with toning arms, then moved to thighs, your rear and finished up the class with abs. Each section kicked my butt hardcore. After a 3 year hiatus from working out, this class completely turned me around and I’m seriously addicted! All thanks to Aileen over at who set up the class for us bloggers.


workin it with fellow bloggers

I was a little intimidated before going to Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale since 1. It’s been so long since I’ve worked out and 2. I am the farthest thing from a dancer. Good news is you don’t need to have any experience what so ever in the dancing realm to take this class. Mandi, our instructor, walked us all through each move so we had the correct form and answered any questions we had. The room is mirrored and a ballet barre surrounds the walls. I’ll tell you what, apparently there is a dancer inside that has been dying to come out because once I grabbed onto that barre, I felt like I could do some plie like a pro…although in reality, I probably looked a bit deranged. Doesn’t matter, I AM a dancer!!! :)

photo 3

barre, ball, bands!

Before each class starts, you grab a small rubber ball, weights (2lbs, 3 lbs or 5 lbs), and rubber bands. If weights or the resistance bands are too much for you, you don’t need to use them. The ball is placed either high or low between your thighs while doing certain movements. Squeezing and lifting your pelvis/abdominals is what it’s all about. So when I say you are working muscles that haven’t been worked, I mean it! I left the class feeling like I was going to pass out, but it oddly enough I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the class. I needed to do this again…and if I can get my body to look half as good as Mandi’s, sign me up! If you are looking for long, lean and toned muscles, Pure Barre is definitely for you.


we look like pros… :)

Best part about it is they have some great specials for new clients, new moms and bride-to-be’s. Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale offers new mommies a ‘Baby Bounce Back’. So what exactly is the Baby Bounce Back? 3 months of unlimited classes for $375 (same for you brides!) I know first hand how hard it is to get back both mentally and physically after children and the strength you get from just 55 minutes a day will help you get back to where you need to be. I’ve taken 3 classes thus far and feel better than ever! If you want to try out a class, it’s just $23 each time you go, and check with your local studio for their monthly specials. They even have a convenient app for the iPhone so you to schedule/cancel classes.

photo 2

be there! this friday-sunday!

Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale is having their GRAND OPENING starting this Friday, January 31st thru Sunday, February 2nd 2014. They kick off festivities with Friend Friday (bring a friend and they take the class for free), on Saturday February 1st they have a free ‘Breaking Down The Barre’ class where they explain the in’s and out’s, so it’s perfect for newbies, a ribbon cutting ceremony, fun raffles, prizes, free cocktails, food and sales on certain merchandise. It will be a great way to check out the space, and meet the awesome staff.

photo 4

mandi & jeannine

Pictured is Mandi (fab instructor, take a class with her if you can!) with Jeannine, the manager of Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale. They are so sweet and will help get your butt lookin’ great!


sticky socks!

Don’t forget your sticky socks! Pure Barre is done in your socks ladies, so you will need these bad boys when doing it. They grip the rug so you can stay perfect in your poses.

I hope you check out the fun that is Pure Barre Ft. Lauderdale for yourself – Especially this weekend! Can’t wait to get in to another class and LTB!

Check them out on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for updates, class schedules and inspiration!

- Amanda

Pure Barre Ft.Lauderdale – located at 2408 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale FL 33305 in the Union Planters Plaza right by Whole Foods & Dicks Sporting Goods.

p: 954-566-2202